Maidstone Hospital – more negligence and poor performance

Maidstone Hospital – medical errors and lack of improvement – the latest update

Since this blog was originally written back in 2014, the position at Maidstone Hospital doesn’t seem to have improved.

The latest review was made by the Care Quality Commission report on the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust which runs a number of other services including The Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury. The overall conclusion was that the trust still “requires improvement”.

In describing how the trust was run, as you will see below, only the level of care was described as good. All the others either required improvement and its particular damning that the leadership was described as frankly “inadequate”. In particular the report found the following;

  • Safety – Requires improvement
  • Effective – Requires improvement
  • Levels of care – Good
  • Speed of Response –  Requires improvement
  • Leadership – Inadequate

If that wasn’t bad enough, of the 7 individual medical services provided by the Maidstone Hospital Trust,  just one was up to scratch. The report described these services as follows;

  • A and E services (A&E) – Requires improvement
  • End of life care  – Requires improvement
  • Medical care (including older people’s care) – Requires improvement
  • Intensive  care- Inadequate
  • Maternity and gynaecology – Good
  • Outpatients – Requires improvement
  • Services for children & young people -Requires improvement

It really doesn’t make good reading does it.

Recent medical mistakes?

There was the case of Frances Cappuccini, the 30 year old mother of two, who died after giving birth by emergency Caesarean section. Her husband is currently in the process of making a medical negligence claim against the trust.

In 2015, a widow from Aylesford was awarded £177,000 for the death of her husband – after his heart condition Mars missed by Maidstone Hospital in December 2012. The man had earlier been discharged with follow-up and during the subsequent investigation the hospital eventually admitted that he should have been admitted to hospital instead of being sent home.

Here is the original post

Grieving relatives of five patients who died following keyhole surgery have been angered by what they believe is a “cover-up” by hospital authorities. They have demanded to be told the truth about the circumstances leading to the deaths of their loved ones.

Expected legal action for medical negligence

They are now preparing to take legal action against Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent and have voiced their concern about the failure to reveal the full findings of an external formal investigation by the Royal College of Surgeons.

Three NHS surgeons, based at the trust, have been stopped from carrying out the procedure for upper gastrointestinal cancer but have been allowed to carry on working.

Lawyers are now looking at a further 17 cases involving the surgery that has led to complications or death following botched operations by the consultants.

Despite the ban on carrying out the keyhole operation used on cancer patients, the three surgeons are still continuing with their usual duties and other surgical procedures at the trust’s hospitals alongside their private work.

The scandal is the latest of many in recent times to hit the turbulent NHS trust. The three men have been referred to the General Medical Council (GMC) that is poised to consider whether to investigate their fitness to practice while no disciplinary action has yet been taken against them by the trust.

Controversy also surrounds the motives of the three surgeons in carrying out the keyhole procedure amid claims that it was an attempt to raise their personal professional profiles in what is a highly competitive field.

It is understood that medics who were invited to attend a live broadcast of one such procedure, which resulted in the death of a 51-year-old patient, paid in the region of £900 for tickets to attend the practical seminar.

The relatives of those who died are now in the process of suing for medical negligence and Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust has also referred itself to the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) after “unexpected” and “potentially avoidable” fatalities after gastrointestinal surgical procedures in 2012 and 2013.

Following an investigation by the RCS it was recommended that the trust cease all “oesophageal and gastric resection operations” until it had addressed its failings.

It issued a warning stating that the surgeons had not demonstrated “sufficient attention to the detail of surgical outcomes or clinical decision-making in respect of keyhole procedures.” The full RCS report on its findings has not yet been revealed by the trust.

It is understood that the report makes reference to an anonymous letter from whistleblowers working for the trust highlighting their serious concerns about “dangerous and unethical practices” in surgery and the frequency of warnings made by staff in the unit over poor standards of care.

Meanwhile patients are now forced to travel to St Thomas’ Hospital, London, while the GI work is suspended at the trust.

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust defended its position in not releasing the full report following the RCS investigation stating that it was the focus of a continuing review by the GMC and consultants and may involve points of “factual accuracy”.

The trust added that it fully “accepted and implemented” the review’s recommendations and that this meant consultants responsible for the procedure should no longer carry out laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery.

Maidstone Hospital and medical negligence – it’s nothing new

This particular Trust is of course no stranger to controversy. Back in 2007 the Healthcare Commission was strongly critical of the way the Trust handled a nasty outbreak of Clostridium Difficile [or C Difficile as it is usually known] in its hospitals in a period April 2004 to September 2006. The Commission’s report estimated that about 90 patients “definitely or probably” died as a result of the superbug infection, a situation which, the Health Secretary at the time, Alan Johnson, described as “scandalous”.

My concern about medical negligence in Maidstone – it’s really personal

I’m particularly interested in this case. Firstly, I was born and bred in Maidstone – after being born in the old Fant Lane Hospital, I was very well treated in a number of admissions as a child to the old West Kent General Hospital in Marsham Street in the town centre.

What’s more, my father was Secretary of the group of local hospitals back in the 70s – which meant he was responsible for running West Kent and some others – and I’m sure he would have been horrified by the culture of poor standards that seems to have become endemic to the Maidstone Hospital since then. The NHS Trust seems prepared to put up with case after case of medical negligence – and when it comes to medical negligence and Maidstone, that’s a very sore spot with me – as my father, who died back in the 1980s after retiring from the hospital service, did so at Maidstone General Hospital after his own cancer was misdiagnosed for some time by a local GP.

Victim of medical negligence at Maidstone Hospital? Get expert advice today

If you’re thinking of making a claim following the death of a loved one at Maidstone Hospital, I really do understand that nothing can replace them – but our specialist medical negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation for your loss, and it will help to ensure that local NHS doesn’t continue to make mistakes like the one the cost me my father.

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    Medical negligence in Dorchester-errors at Dorset County Hospital


    Dorchester’s Dorset County Hospital has quite a history of clinical errors. The most recent figures available, released by the NHS itself in April 2014, showed that a total of 76 medical negligence claims against that hospital alone had been settled since 2009. The combined compensation paid out to victims of medical negligence at the hospital over that period was over £6 million.

    Of those 76 successful claims, 17 of them involved errors with diagnosis, five with tests or test results and 26 mistakes made during surgery or other treatments or procedures. One sadly involved an infant fatality.

    One boy was left in a wheelchair prior to his birth in 2002 and is due a very large payout, which wasn’t included in the £6 million figure released in 2014. When the figures were released, the hospital’s spokesperson was relentless in claiming that the figures were about average for a UK hospital and showed no remorse for the situation. A patient governor later stated that he had not been informed of the payouts and only found out after the Dorset Echo contacted him.


    August 2016 saw an update for the Dorchester hospital when the latest Care Quality Commission inspection ratings were published.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t make good reading.

    Death rates in hospital and up to 30 days after discharge were described as “ worse than expected”

    The report went on to find that each of the following basic medical services provided at the hospital “requires recruitment

    • A&E
    • Outpatients
    • Maternity and gynaecology
    • End of life care

    And in summarising the whole of the services provided by the hospital, improvement was also required with regard to issues of “safety” and “leadership”

    That’s probably why we have always seen a sad and surprisingly high of medical negligence cases in Dorchester.


    Unfortunately, the latest Care Quality Commission report seems to largely confirm the findings of another very comprehensive report earlier in the decade.

    According to statistics from the highly respected Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2011 [the guide was produced annually by the Dr Foster unit at Imperial College in London – and was the best and most comprehensive independent benchmarking of hospital standards nationwide], the Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester is performing within the expected range for four key performance indicators. However, despite the fact that the results fall into the expected range, they are not as encouraging as the performance achieved by some other hospitals.

    For example, for the SHMI result (which measures deaths following hospital treatment), Dorset County Hospital achieved a score of 103. This was by no means the highest, but when you consider that some hospitals were achieving significantly lower scores (such as 78), there is clearly still room for improvement.

    The hospital scored 109 on the HSMR indicator, which is a measure of 56 conditions that account for 80% of deaths in hospital. Again, this was within the expected range but other trusts achieved lower scores – for instance, Cambridge University Hospitals scored a lower than expected 75.

    One area where it seems Dorset County Hospital definitely needs to improve is in AAA surgery. AAA stands for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, and hospitals that perform the surgery infrequently can have up to 70% higher death rates than those who perform it often. As it carried out less than 35 procedures in 2010/11, the Dr Foster guide recommends that the trust either increases the number it carries out or ceases to perform the operation altogether. This is due to the fact that larger units have better survival rates.

    Overall, it seems that while Dorset County Hospital  is by no means the worst performing, there are still areas where it could definitely improve patient care – and that means there is a real risk of medical negligence in Dorchester and that’s where our specialist medical solicitors can help.


    If you think that you have been the victim of medical negligence at Dorset County Hospital, call or email our specialist medical negligence solicitors today. Home and hospital visits are available throughout Dorset.

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      Wimborne Medical Negligence Solicitors

      If you live in Wimborne, you’re likely to have been treated at Wimborne Community Hospital, otherwise known as Victoria Hospital, at some point. If not, you’ve probably received treatment at one of the town’s GP practices or even at a dentist.

      You’ll know, then, that the potential for things to go wrong is quite high, despite the fact that it’s thankfully rare.

      Things do go wrong, though, and when a mistake is made in your medical treatment or there is an error in your diagnosis, great harm and trauma can be caused — both physically and psychologically. In this case, you may well have a case for clinical negligence against the medical professionals who treated you.

      If you do live in Wimborne and have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from medical negligence, you will not be able to find a specialist medical negligence solicitor in Wimborne to run your compensation claim – at least at the time of writing this blog entry.

      Thankfully, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire-based solicitors Bonallack & Bishop have the trained specialist solicitors you need – and can make home or hospital visits to clients both in Wimborne, and throughout Dorset. Our team have helped injured patients throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset win medical compensation worth many millions of pounds.


      To get the best possible result in your medical negligence claim, appointing a genuinely specialist solicitor to run your case is so very important.

      Your solicitor will need not only legal knowledge but also a good understanding of complex medical concepts – how else will they make sense of your medical records and any x-ray or independent medical report about your condition. Non-specialist solicitors simply don’t have the skills in this most complex area of law.

      The medical negligence solicitors here at Bonallack and Bishop have the experience you need to recover the compensation you deserve.


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      o Our team cover the full range of medical negligence claims – and have particular experience of birth injury, hip replacement recall, spinal injury and fatal accident claims

      o Our accident claim team only deal with medical negligence and personal injury claims – and we only act only for claimants

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      Too many people miss out on their chance to win compensation following medical negligence because they leave it too late to make a claim – so don’t delay.

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        Marlborough Medical Negligence Solicitors

        If you live in Marlborough and believe that you have been the victim of medical negligence, you should talk to specialist solicitors about claiming compensation. Our Wiltshire based team have the expertise you need.

        Marlborough and Swindon Hospitals – a History of Recent Problems

        NHS patients in Marlborough are usually treated in Swindon’s Great Western Hospital or Marlborough’s own, much smaller, Savernake Community Hospital.

        The last few years have sadly seen an ongoing series of serious failures and medical mistakes at the hospitals run by the controlling NHS trust – Great Western Hospitals Trust.

        Here are just a few of the very real concerns about medical errors and standards of patient care;

        • A report by the Government health watchdog the Care Quality Commission published in January 2016 found that hospitals run by the Great Western Hospitals Trust “required improvement”. Perhaps most worryingly, the CQC stated “overall, we rated the safety of the services in the trust as ‘requires improvement”.

        Going into more detail, of the twelve areas looked at by the inspection team, half of them also received a damning judgement of ‘requires improvement’, and worse still, Urgent and Emergency care services were described as ‘inadequate’. Click here if you want to read more about the CQC report

        • the trust has a record of numerous “never events”. Never events are serious medical errors that should never have happened.

        Recently,  between May 2014 – April 2015, the trust managed to report two “never events”. This was sadly nothing new – but merely the latest in a series of events. For example, the GWH managed six such events in 2011-2012, including one swab that was left inside a breast cancer patient after surgery, and a couple more in 2013.

        • Earlier, a woman died at Swindon’s Great Western Hospital after having an epidural anaesthetic injected into her arm rather than her spine in error during labour


        To successfully run your medical negligence claim, your solicitor will need to look through detailed medical records and extract information to find the evidence you will need to prove your case. This requires a good knowledge of medicine on top of legal expertise, and as a result, only specialist medical negligence solicitors will do.

        The medical negligence team here at Bonallack and Bishop have many years of experience in this complex area of law and are happy to help clients in Marlborough – and to make home and hospital visits throughout Wiltshire for anyone who is too unwell to travel.


        o As you can see, we are genuine specialists

        o We are not a faceless claims management company, or call centre operation – we have well established Salisbury and Amesbury solicitors, Bonallack and Bishop, and your case will be run throughout in person by an experienced medical negligence solicitor

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        o We are happy to make home and hospital visits in Marlborough or indeed throughout Wiltshire for anyone who is too unwell to travel to visit us

        o We offer no win no fee agreements for medical negligence claims – so you need not worry about paying legal fees


        If you been the victim of a medical error and live in Marlborough, we can help you recover the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

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          Watford Medical Negligence

          Are you the victim of medical negligence at Watford General Hospital?

          We can help you claim compensation. Here at solicitors Bonallack and Bishop, we have a team of accredited medical negligence specialists – and you really do need an expert when it comes to running a medical negligence claim.

          Unfortunately, not only are there currently no accredited medical negligence specialists in Watford – but there are that none anywhere in Hertfordshire.

          But don’t worry – we can help. We regularly run cases in Hertfordshire.

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          The statistics make it clear how few genuinely independently accredited specialists there are – out of over 100,000 solicitors nationwide, just 180 have been accredited by the other leading panel for medical negligence solicitors [for details see below] and our team is led by one of them. And another member of the team, prior to qualification as a solicitor, was a highly experienced nurse.

          What’s more, we regularly run cases in Hertfordshire.


          Watford General Hospital is a big district general hospital with a full range of services,  approximately 600 beds and it provides care for around 500,000 people in Hertfordshire. The maternity service alone is one of the largest in southeast England and delivers around 6000 babies every year.

          But the last few years have sadly seen what appears a never-ending series of major failures and medical errors at the hospital. Amongst the more notable problems have been the following;

          • Perhaps most seriously, September 2015 saw the NHS trust in charge of Watford General Hospital put into what is referred to as “special measures” after an inspection by Government health watchdog the Care Quality Commission [CQC]. The report pulled no punches – as well as calling for big improvements, services provided by the hospital were rated by the CQC as “inadequate”. Amongst the more worrying disclosures in the report were serious failings in the quality of patient care, failure to learn the lessons of previous mistakes,  long delays for emergency patients turning up at A&E – and it was noted in general that many facilities were in such a bad state of repair that they were “a potential risk to staff and visitors” – and perhaps most remarkably a complete “lack of a safety culture”.
          • But the September 15 report was nothing new. Earlier in January 2014, an earlier unsatisfactory CQC report found the hospital requiring action in 5/6 categories – including something as basic as the “care and welfare of people who use services” -and “cleanliness and infection control” As a result, it’s hardly surprising there are been many individual instances of failures at the hospital including:
            • The premature death of a Hemel Hempstead postman’s when he was misdiagnosed with a chest infection by hospital staff. The 61-year-old man was, in fact, suffering from far more serious bronchial pneumonia. Tragically he passed away just six hours after arriving at Watford General Hospital
            • The death of two cancer patients at the hospital after a failure to give them follow-up appointments, breaking basic NHS rules. An internal investigation concluded that this meant the diagnosis of their cancer was delayed and may have contributed to their death.


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            Blandford Medical Negligence Solicitors

            If you live in Blandford, it’s sad to say that according to the most recent reports from government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC), there are some real and genuine concerns about the poor standards of care in your local hospitals.

            That’s probably why our medical negligence solicitors seem to cover a surprising number of compensation claims following medical errors from people living in Dorset.


            Living in Blandford, you will likely have been treated at some point at one of the town’s NHS services, such as Blandford Community Hospital.

            Blandford Community Hospital, like 11 other local community hospitals, is run by the Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust. Unfortunately this particular trust does not have a good reputation.

            The latest report on the trust by the CQC 16 October 2015 makes uncomfortable reading for patients in Blandford. The overall rating for the trust was that it “requires improvement”. The good news was that the CCQ’ felt that the Trust had “caring, enthusiastic and committed workforce”. However out of the five main categories, only one was described as good – and that is the “caring” category. The other four categories, which most worryingly included the category of “safe” are all described as “requires improvement”.

            Click here for the full CQC report on Blandford Community Hospital.


            And of course, if you need a more serious operation or more specialist care, you may be treated at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester. According to the CQC in their latest report on the hospital back in June/July 2013, it completely failed to meet basic standards in 3 out of 5 hospitals. Click here for the full report on Dorset County Hospital.


            If you have been the victim of medical negligence (or clinical negligence as it’s often called), you are likely to have suffered physically, emotionally and financially. In order to win the compensation you deserve, you will need a specialist medical negligence solicitor on your side.

            There are currently no law firms in Blandford with a specialist medical negligence solicitor to help you with your compensation claim. By contrast, Bonallack & Bishop in nearby Verwood and Salisbury has the specialist legal team you need.


            Medical negligence claims are particularly complex – they involve not just understanding of law and procedure, but also a significant degree of medical knowledge – so when, for example, your solicitor goes through your medical notes and look at your x-rays, they need to know exactly what to look for. If you’re serious about your medical negligence claim, don’t end up with an accident claim lawyer who only handles the occasional medical negligence case – let alone a generalist solicitor. Rest assured that our team have the expertise you need.

            Our team includes members of the two leading nationwide panels for medical negligence solicitors – both the Action against Medical Accidents and Law Society Clinical Negligence Panels. No other law firm in Dorset has members of both of these panels. We are also one of just 120 firms of solicitors [out of 10,000 law firms in England and Wales currently] to carry the Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark for Medical Negligence further demonstrating the expertise in our medical negligence team.


            Initial phone advice and your first appointment are complete FREE for all medical claims – and we offer home and hospital visits throughout Dorset and Wiltshire.

            No win no fee agreements are also available for medical negligence claims – so you don’t need to worry about paying legal fees.


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              Petersfield Medical Negligence

              Do you live in Petersfield? Are you thinking of making a medical negligence claim? Our highly specialist team can help.


              Petersfield Community Hospital has an excellent reputation locally for the level of care it offers, which is very encouraging if you live in and around the Petersfield area and require medical help or assistance. However, things can often go wrong.

              There have, unavoidably, been incidences where the level of medical care received by Petersfield residents has been a long way below what should be reasonably expected, resulting in both physical and psychological harm for the people who were supposed to be treated by the professionals. When this kind of negligence occurs, it can be devastating for the person affected as well as their family and friends.


              A claim for compensation following a medical error involves one of the most complex areas of law, and it really requires a specialist solicitor. If you live in Petersfield, although there are some good solicitors in town, none of them specialises in medical negligence claims.

              However here at Hampshire and Wiltshire solicitors, Bonallack and Bishop, our medical negligence team has the specialist expertise you need to make sure you win your claim.


              In short, the answer is yes. To make sure that your claim is successful, your solicitor is going to need to prove that a senior doctor or another member of the medical team who treated you, was negligent. Sadly the medical profession seem incredibly reluctant to admit they can ever make mistakes – so often it’s necessary to build up plenty of evidence and a really strong case for any negligence claim to be successful – and that involves a really good understanding of how medical treatment works including;

              • understanding any x-rays you had taken

              • carefully examining any medical reports about you

              • going through your GP and hospital records – which are often handwritten

              Our team, all of whom are experienced and qualified solicitors, not call centre operatives, also includes a fully qualified and experienced nurse who has since qualified as a solicitor specialising in compensation claims.


              Making the decision to claim medical negligence compensation is not an easy one. In particular, you are going to need to have a good idea of what’s involved in making a claim and to get an early indication of the chances of winning your claim.

              Our team will;

              • Provide FREE initial phone advice to you over the phone, without any obligations

              • Offer you a FREE first appointment – to discuss your case and give an early indication of whether your claim could be successful

              • Make a FREE visit to you at home or hospital in Petersfield, or anywhere in Hampshire, if you’re too unwell to travel

              • Will appoint medical specialists to provide a report about your condition – and if necessary can also arrange rehabilitation and occupational therapy for you

              • Run your medical negligence claim using a NO WIN NO FEE agreement – so you don’t have to worry about running up a sizeable legal bill

              • Keep you regularly updated – in face-to-face meetings in one of our Wiltshire or Hampshire offices, by letter, email, phone or Skype video – whichever you prefer


              Our team cover the full range of negligence claims. Amongst the more common claims we deal with are the following;

              • Birth Injury Claims

              • Cancer Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis

              • Cerebral and Erbs Palsy

              • Failed Sterilisation and Vasectomy Claims

              • GP errors

              • Fatal injury claims and inquests

              • Medication and prescription mistakes

              • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis

              • NHS Accident and Emergency department mistakes

              • Pregnancy or maternal injuries

              • Pressure sore claims

              • Surgical mistakes

              • Women’s Medical Negligence claims


              Remember – don’t delay getting in touch with our team. Why? There are strict time limits that apply to any claim for medical compensation, and if you delay contacting a solicitor too long, you might lose your right to claim medical compensation completely.

              So for specialist advice today,

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                Portsmouth Medical Negligence

                Do you live in Portsmouth? Have you been injured as a result of a medical error?

                Here at Bonallack & Bishop, we have a team of specialist medical negligence solicitors ready to help you win the compensation you are entitled to.


                Although the level of care in the NHS in Portsmouth is generally good, things do often go wrong. In 2012, a 22-month-old baby died from a serious infection from treatment at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital after doctors failed to provide the correct treatment.

                In 2014, a twelve-year-old boy was awarded more than £6.7m after suffering brain damage following treatment at St Mary’s Hospital in Milton when he was four years old. Hospital staff tragically failed to act quickly enough to spot his condition, leading to him having a cardiac arrest and resultant brain damage. He has since lived with severe disabilities.


                Having a solicitor on your side who genuinely specialises in medical negligence compensation must not be underestimated. Not only will your case involve complex legal work, but your solicitor will need a good understanding of medical concepts. Why? To give you the best chance of winning the compensation you deserve, your solicitor will need to build your case and collect evidence – which will involve looking at and understanding x-rays, hospital notes, GP records, and expert medical reports, for example.

                These days there are a lot of solicitors who may offer to run your medical negligence case for you – but very few have the genuine expertise you need.

                Here at Bonallack and Bishop, one of the solicitors in our specialist team is also a fully qualified and experienced nurse. So you can rest assured that by instructing us, you really are instructing medical specialists.


                Appoint us to help you with your medical negligence compensation claim because:

                • As you can see, we are genuine specialists

                • We make home and hospital visits to those who cannot visit us due to their injuries – both in Portsmouth and throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

                • Your first consultation over the phone is FREE

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                If you’re thinking of claiming compensation for a medical accident, get in touch with us today. Call us now for free initial advice over the phone or email us using the form below.

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                  Weymouth Medical Negligence Solicitors

                  Medical negligence is sadly far too common. Although we all put our trust in those medical staff who are trained and employed to provide us with healthcare, sometimes things do go wrong and serious and irreparable damage can be caused. Unfortunately, the situation in Weymouth is no different.

                  For example, recently one Weymouth woman had minor thumb surgery at Dorset County Hospital and experienced complications afterwards which were caused by wiring being left in her thumb following the operation. She needed another operation to remove the wire and had to undergo unnecessary further care. In court, she won her medical negligence case and was awarded compensation for the hospital’s error.

                  If your health has been damaged in some way by a negligent medical professional, you deserve a fair level of compensation. Whatever medical error gave rise to your claim, our team are specialists at recovering compensation for victims of medical negligence [often referred to as clinical negligence – it’s the same thing].


                  Currently no law firm in Weymouth has a specialist medical negligence solicitor. But luckily for victims of careless medical professionals, we at Bonallack & Bishop [ Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire based Solicitors] has a specialist team serving Dorset.

                  We understand the complexity of medical claims – not simply the law and procedure, but our team also have enough medical knowledge so that when they look at your x-rays and GP or hospital notes, they understand what they are looking at.


                  Home and hospital visits are always available throughout Dorset for those whose injuries make it difficult to travel.


                  Have you suffered medical negligence at Weymouth Community Hospital, Dorset County Hospital or one of the other hospitals, surgeries or clinics or serving the Weymouth area?Don’t delay – waiting too long to start the your medical negligence claim could mean you miss out on your right to claim compensation.

                  For your FREE initial phone advice and FREE first appointment.

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                    Chippenham Medical Negligence Solicitors

                    Medical negligence can happen anywhere, but when it happens in your home town with medical professionals who you trust, it can be particularly distressing. In 2009, a Chippenham man fell and injured his wrist and hand whilst playing football. The X-ray service at Chippenham Community Hospital x-rayed his wrist and those x-rays were then reviewed at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, but both missed a fractured left scaphoid.

                    Six months later when he returned to his GP to complain of discomfort, the fracture was finally spotted. Due to requiring more extensive medical treatment and a longer period of recovery due to the hospital’s negligence, the Hospital Trust settled on a compensation figure of £15,000 which was paid to the man in 2011.


                    In order to win your medical compensation claim, your solicitor will need to extract crucial pieces of information to be used in evidence from complicated medical records. This requires a good understanding of medicine as well as legal expertise and only specialists will have this kind of knowledge across the two professions.

                    If you instruct us, your case will not be run by an inexperienced junior – but by an experienced solicitor from our team who you will meet. What’s more, one of our medical negligence solicitors is also a fully qualified nurse.

                    So if you instruct our medical negligence team you can be sure that you have specialists running your claim.

                    HOW WE CAN HELP YOU

                    We offer;

                    • FREE initial telephone advice
                    • A FREE first appointment
                    • No win no fee agreements – so you need not worry about how you will pay legal fees
                    • Home or hospital visits – we understand that your injuries may prevent you from coming into one of our offices to speak to us in person, which is why our team are happy to visit clients in Chippenham, or indeed anywhere in Wiltshire, at home or in hospital if they have trouble travelling.


                    Have you suffered medical negligence at the hands of Chippenham Community Hospital, or one of the other hospitals serving both Wiltshire?

                    If you leave it too long to start the medical negligence compensation claims process you may find that the time period in which you are entitled to make your claim elapses. So, to avoid missing out;

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