Changing Solicitors


If you are making a medical negligence claim, you are likely to have suffered physically, emotionally and financially. Therefore, it is crucial for your peace of mind to know that your claim is being handled by an expert solicitor, with working knowledge of both liability and the injuries sustained.

If, at any time, you are dissatisfied with your current solicitor and feel that your interests could be better served by switching to a more experienced professional, you should know that you are legally entitled to do so. Regardless of what your current medical negligence solicitor tells you, you are under no legal obligation to remain with them, and changing solicitor’s never incurs any financial penalties.

Changing medical negligence solicitors is straightforward

Simply contact us and we will ask for some details enabling us to draft a form or authority for you to sign. That form allows us to demand the handover of the case file from you current solicitor’s firm, so that we can assume control of your medical compensation claim.

The money owed to the current law firm currently acting for you, will simply be added to the final cost of the claim and if your claim is successful, will be paid by your opponent’s insurer. So when it’s that easy to switch, why not increase your chances of gaining maximum compensation by moving to our specialist medical negligence solicitors?

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