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Medical negligence can happen anywhere where a person is under the care of a medical professional, and Hampshire is no different. Just that the North Hampshire Hospital in Basingstoke, for instance, which has been the subject of more than one case of clinical negligence. A recent court case found that an orthopaedic surgeon was negligent in removing a lump in a patient’s armpit, leaving her with permanent symptoms after nerves were damaged. An independent expert had been very critical of the care the patient received and eventually the NHS Trust settled the case outside of course rather than taking it to the final level of proceedings.

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The National Health Service is one of the UK’s best loved institutions and it isn’t hard to see why. It does its best to make sure that everyone who needs care gets it, regardless of their ability to pay – and the vast majority of the time that care is of an impressively high standard.

However, it has been estimated that around 5% of people are dissatisfied with the service and level of care they have received relating to the diagnosis and treatment of a condition. Some of these people go on to make medical negligence claims; around 7000 such claims are made every year.

Our Hampshire based medical negligence team also includes a solicitor, who before he qualified, trained as a nurse.

Hampshire – too many substandard Hospitals

The recent reports on hospitals in England and Wales by hospital regulator, the Care Quality Commission, make pretty disappointing reading. And Hampshire is not immune.

Three of the Hampshire based NHS Trusts are described by the CQC as “requiring improvement” – Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust, and Solent NHS Trust

And in addition, the following three individual Hampshire NHS hospitals are also identified as requiring improvement.

And one of the Hampshire-based private hospitals does no better. The Priory Hospital in Southampton was also described as “requiring improvement”.

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Our team have the experience and ability to run the full range of medical compensation claims – including the following.

  • Cancer Claims
  • Cardiology Negligence
  • Children’s medical negligence
  • Chiropractor Negligence Claim
  • Defective medical product claims
  • Eye injury claims
  • GP negligence
  • Misdiagnosis
  • MRSA Negligence Claims
  • Negligent treatment of sports injuries
  • NHS A and E claims
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Physiotherapy negligence claims
  • Incorrect prescription claims and pharmacy errors
  • Surgical negligence

Do I have grounds for a medical negligence claim?

Sadly, too many people become unhappy with the treatment they receive from a doctor or health professional.

This is very different from clinical negligence [which is simply another term for medical negligence and means exactly the same thing]. Actual medical negligence covers very serious breaches of care and can result in a legal battle.

The 2 main guidelines for what constitutes medical negligence are fairly clear.

1. Has there been a breach of the duty of care?

Every health professional is responsible for the proper care and treatment of patients. Proving the breach of that duty is the trickiest aspect.

Just because some form of injury has been caused and another person is responsible for that damage is not always enough to prove clinical negligence. All patients are different and respond differently to care. So certain amount of leeway is given to doctors as medical science is not as predictable or exact a science as many people assume.

This is an important distinction to make, as it allows for doctors and medical professionals to allow a certain amount of risk, giving them the freedom to ensure they can find the right cure or treatment for you. Tightening this amount of leeway would discourage doctors from finding the right course of action for each individual patient. It is also the case that their actions should be considered unreasonable by the standards of a regular, competent doctor. If your treatment simply did not work out as well as had been hoped, you would not have grounds for claiming medical negligence.

2. Would a competent professional have done the same?

Only if the level of care was found to be below that which is expected of a competent professional, and that it was this direct action which caused injury or death, and that the injury or death would have been avoidable had the action not been taken, could there be a case for clinical or medical negligence. Trying to ascertain the existence of negligence alone can be difficult, and it is for this reason that it is highly recommended that you speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor if you suspect that you might have been in a position where you might have suffered a negligent medical error.

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Clinical negligence claims are complex and legal bills can be high. But you don’t need to worry about that. When you instruct us, we can run your claim for compensation using a no win no fee agreement.

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