Brain and head injuries

Experiencing a brain or head injury is very traumatic, and the experience can be made even worse if you are the victim of medical negligence. Of course, most patients who receive medical care for a head or brain injury will be given the highest possible standards of care by their medical team.

However, medical negligence does occur from time to time. If you or someone close to you has experience medical negligence relating to a brain or head injury, you should speak to a specialist solicitor as soon as possible. The majority of personal injury claims need to be made within 3 years of you becoming aware of the negligence. There are some exceptions made under the 1980 Limitations Act for people who are mentally disabled and those aged under 18, but it is still best to speak to a medical negligence solicitor as soon as you become aware of the problem.

Common types of medical negligence claim relating to brain and head injuries

These can include:

•Use of incorrect method or procedure during brain surgery

• Incorrect amount of anaesthetic used while the patient is in brain surgery

• A lack in care either pre or post operation

• Misdiagnosis of brain or head injury following an accident or head pains

• Misdiagnosis of an haemorrhage, due to incorrect procedures being carried out or symptoms being missed on scans and tests

As brain and head injuries are often so complicated to treat and surgery in that area can be very difficult, if you are making a medical negligence claim, it is likely you’ll need to source expert medical advice. This is something that our medical negligence solicitors can help you with.

Making a medical negligence claim, if successful, can help you win compensation you deserve – to compensate for the pain you have experienced as a result of the negligence, any loss of your future earning ability, deterioration in the polity of your day-to-day life as well as any medical expenses you have occurred because of it.

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There are strict time limits for all medical claims. If you delaying making your claim, you could you lose out on your right for the compensation you deserve.

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