No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claims

One of the most popular ways of funding your medical negligence claim is with a no win no fee agreement [which is often referred to by solicitors as a “conditional fee agreement”].

How No Win No Fee Works

Under a no win no fee agreement , your medical negligence solicitor agrees that you will not have to pay their fees if you lose your claim. If you win your claim then the defendant [usually the insurer for the doctor or medical professional involved] will normally have to pay the legal and other costs you have incurred in bringing your claim.

This means that the risk in no win no fee cases rests with the solicitor rather than you, the client. This risk is taken into consideration in the fees charged for representing you. However, as the defendant has to pay your costs if you win your medical negligence claim, this is not something that should worry you.

The solicitors fees will normally take into account their basic fee (they should give you a breakdown of costs so you can see how this has been worked out) and a ‘success’ fee to take account of the extra risk. If you win your case, the defendant will normally also have to pay the ‘success’ fee, as long as the judge presiding over your case considers it to be reasonable. They have to pay these costs on top of any compensation they are ordered to pay you as a result of the negligence.

Don’t let concerns about having to pay your legal costs stop you claim the compensation you deserve. Let one of our specialist medical negligence team help you claim using a no win no fee agreement. What’s more, our team can assess your claim on a No Win No Fee basis too – which means you can find out whether or not your claim for medical compensation is likely to succeed without having to worry about paying legal costs.

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Unsure about making a No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Claim?

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