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Physiotherapy is a means of alleviating physical problems which can be caused by an Physiotherapy negligence claims. Compensation claim solicitorsaccident, illness or ageing. The purpose of physiotherapy is to improve and potentially restore a person’s movement and allowing their muscles and tendons to recover while also promoting their overall health and well being.

Physiotherapists can use a range of techniques to treat muscles and reduce tension in the body and this includes massage, exercise, manipulation, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy. They usually take an holistic approach which takes into account the body as a whole.

A physiotherapist can fix a range of problems including a poor posture, overstretching, bending or twisting awkwardly, standing for long periods of time, lifting or carrying objects incorrectly and inherited spinal deformities.

There are occasions however where a physiotherapist may misjudge an injury and their actions or inaction may cause a patient even more injuries. If a physiotherapist failed to carry out appropriate tests, or provide a suitable treatment for the patient, then this could make the patient’s condition even worse – especially if they carry out the wrong treatment as a result.

While these instances aren’t common, they can happen because physiotherapists can be in high demand for their skills so they may feel overstretched, especially if resources are tight.

If you believe that your health has deteriorated because of a physiotherapist’s negligence, then you may be eligible for compensation. This can provide recompense for any pain or suffering you may have experienced as a result of their action or inaction.

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Regulation of physiotherapy

You might be surprised to hear that according to figures in 2021, there are around 78,000 Physiotherapists in the UK, number that is steadily increasing. And they are all qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

And recently, physiotherapists have been given prescribing powers in the UK, so they can give medicines to their NHS patients.

Many of them work for the NHS and provide an excellent service. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made

Physiotherapy negligence compensation claims – getting started

To start with a claim, you need to contact a legal expert such as a medical negligence solicitor who will be able to advise you every stage of the claim process. To be successful with your claim, you must make it within 3 years of the incident otherwise you could lose your right to compensation entirely. A legal expert can advise you on whether you received a substandard level of care during your physiotherapy and work with your claim to give you the compensation that you deserve.

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