Negligent treatment of sports injuries

Negligent treatment of sports injuriesAny sports injury, whether it is sustained by a professional  or an amateur, can be painful, inconvenient and sometimes quite serious. Some injuries can even prevent a person from playing sport again, depending on the type of injury and how severe it is. The good news is that most sports injuries can be treated and the majority will heal completely.

However, not all of them do and, sometimes, cases of medical negligence can make them worse. Negligent treatment of sports injuries has the potential to end careers and have a serious impact on people’s lives – so it is an issue that is definitely worth taking seriously if you have been affected.

Sports Injury treatment negligence – common claims

In relation to the negligent treatment of sports injuries, medical negligence claims can be bought against professionals such as:

• Orthopaedic surgeons

• Physiotherapists

• Any other doctor involved in the injury

• The professional sports club, if appropriate

You may be able to make a medical negligence claim for the incorrect treatment of a sports injury if:

• An injury is misdiagnosed

• An injury is given the wrong treatment

• An injury is missed entirely, despite tests and investigations

• There is a delay in referring you to a specialist if you need one

• There are complications during or following surgery for a sports injury

Sports Injury treatment negligence – don’t delay

If you suspect that your sports injury has been treated negligently, you should seek advice from one of our medical negligence solicitors as soon as possible. In cases of personal injury, if you intend to make a claim against a professional, you will need to do so within three years of first becoming aware of the negligence. This means that prompt action is essential if you think you have grounds for a valid claim.

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