Spinal Injury Claims

Any spinal injury is serious and so needs to be dealt with appropriately, and as soon as Spinal Injury Medical Negligence Claims. Specialist solicitors. Image of wheelchairpossible. If your injury is to the bones of your spine, they may well be able to heal. However, any damage you do to the spinal cord itself is irreversible. Injuries to the spinal cord can affect your motor function, brain function and nerve function, which shows the severity of these issues.

Sadly, some spinal injuries are unavoidable. Some injuries that do occur, though, could have been avoided. If you have suffered a spinal injury as a result of medical negligence, it’s important you speak to a specialist solicitor if you intend to make a claim against the medical professionals in question.

Causes of Spinal Injury Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence claims relating to spinal injuries can arise for various reasons, such as;

• A risk to the spinal cord [such as cauda equina syndrome] is missed or misdiagnosed, leading to further injury.

• A risk to the spinal cord is identified but the patient is mistreated.

• A spinal injury is taken to be stable, with less chance of further complications occurring, when in fact the injury is still unstable

• Negligent or substandard surgical procedures.

Cases of spinal injury aren’t always clear cut as it is a very delicate area of the body and so expert and independent medical opinions are likely to be needed if you want to make a medical negligence claim against a doctor or other medical professional. Your medical negligence solicitor will be able to review the evidence in your case to whether negligence did occur and if you have a case.

It’s important to remember that when bringing any claim that relates to medical negligence or personal injury, you need to do so within three years of becoming aware of the negligence. This means that taking action as soon as possible will be beneficial as it will help to start to get the process moving soon after you become aware of the issue.

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