Claim Funding

There are several costs to be aware of when making medical negligence claims. There are a few different ways that you will be able to pay for these, depending on your situation and the outcome of the claim. Read more about these by clicking on the following links;

No win no fee

Legal expenses insurance

Legal aid

since changes on April 1, 2013 legal aid is only available for making net negligence claims involving children with brain injuries caused during pregnancy, or who were injured whilst being born, or who have developed serious brain injuries leading to major disabilities within 8 weeks of their birth.

Legal costs

The costs that you will need to take into account when making a medical claim include:

• Solicitors’ fees

• Costs associated with obtaining your medical records from GPs or hospitals

• Costs associated with independent medical experts, such as the costs of writing a report to support your case

• Court fees and associated costs

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