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UPDATE West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust – slammed as “inadequate”

The recent report on the trust by the Care Quality Commission [CQC] dated 10 September 2015 makes dreadful reading.

Let’s start off with its overall description. The hospitals run by the trust are simply “inadequate”.

But what does that actually mean? Well first of all it the second worst rating possible. The worst rating would be “no rating or rating suspended”. The CQC themselves describe “inadequate” as meaning “performing badly and we’ve taken enforcement action against the provider of the service.”

And going into more detail, the report doesn’t get any better. The five main areas of service provided by the hospitals are described as follow;

  • Safety – Inadequate
  • Effectiveness – Requires improvement
  • Levels of care – Requires improvement
  • Speed of Response –  Requires improvement
  • Leadership – Inadequate

And ratings for the three individual hospitals run by the trust were little better.

Hemel Hempstead General Hospital  was classified as “Requires improvement”, whilst the other two hospitals –  St Albans City Hospital and Watford General Hospital were both considered even worse – being described as “Inadequate”.

All in all very worrying for anyone living in Hertfordshire who has to rely on the medical services provided by these three local hospitals.


Sadly, Hertfordshire hospitals have seen a steady catalogue of really serious mistakes in the last few years. Here are just 4 of them;

  • Stevenage Lister Hospital required 20,000 cancer smear tests to be re-checked after one of the tester’s results dropped below the minimum 90% accuracy target for accuracy. It is estimated that about 1000 women would have to come in for a second test. The original tests were taken at Stevenage Lister Hospital, and although the samples were actually tested at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City’s QE II Hospital between July 2013 and March 2014, the need for retesting wasn’t announced until February 2015
  • January 2014 saw a disappointing report on Watford General Hospital by the Care Quality Commission – Britain’s hospital regulator. As part of a routine inspection, the hospital met the required standard on only one category “Respecting and involving people who use services”. It stated that action was needed on the remaining five categories which were;
    • Care and welfare of people who use services
    • Cleanliness and infection control
    • Staffing
    • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
    • Records
  • A report in October 2015 on ‘never events’ during surgery (i.e. events that should never have happened with proper medical care) found that the East And North Hertfordshire NHS Trust [responsible both for the Stevenage Lister Hospital and QE II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City]  was rated second-worst nationally – with mistakes including surgery on the wrong finger and a swab having been left inside a patient after a clinical procedure
  • January 2015 saw West Hertfordshire NHS Trust apologise for an incredible ‘wrong body’ mix-up – when having been told that his father had died, a man was taken to see his father’s body – but actually shown that of another recently deceased patient. The report from the NHS Trust failed to identify at which of the 3 general hospitals belonging to the trust [St Albans City, Watford General, or Hemel Hempstead], the incident occurred.

Sadly, these errors are just the tip of the iceberg. Hertfordshire hospitals seem to have a high level of medical mistakes.

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