Shaftesbury Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you live in Shaftesbury and you are looking to make a medical negligence compensation Shaftesbury Medical Negligence Claim Solicitors .AvMA Clinical Negligence Panel Logoclaim, you will not find the specialist solicitors you need in Shaftesbury.

However, Bonallack & Bishop [a  well-established law firm who run this specialist web-site] are just a few miles away with offices in Salisbury and Fordingbridge and we have the specialist medical legal team you need to win your claim.


MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE – WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES A SPECIALIST MAKE? Shaftesbury Medical Negligence Claim Solicitors. Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel Logo

Having a specialist medical negligence solicitor on your side makes a massive difference to your compensation claim.

To win the medical negligence compensation you deserve, your a solicitor must be able to understand and cut through complex medical notes, x-rays and independent medical reports to pick out pieces of information which will be central to the case.

Generalist lawyers will simply not understand the complex medical language involved and as a result could miss crucial pieces of evidence.


Specialist panels – Many people claim to be specialists in certain fields but our medical negligence solicitors can prove it.

The leader of our medical negligence team, Denise Broomfield, is a fully trained and accredited member of not just one but both of the two leading medical negligence panels for solicitors run by

  1. Action Against Medical Negligence [AvMA – the well-respected patient justice charity] and
  2. the Law Society’s own Clinical Negligence Panel

You won’t find any solicitors with either of these accreditations in Shaftesbury. In fact only around 180 solicitors out of more than 141,000 qualified solicitors nationwide are considered sufficiently expert for membership of both of these panels.

[NB Clinical negligence is the same thing as medical negligence].


In a survey of over 400 of our clients, 98% of them said that they would recommend us to a friend – here’s why:

• Excellent client service: our solicitors will visit you in hospital or in the comfort of your own home – anywhere in Hampshire, Wiltshire or Dorset

• We offer initial phone advice FREE of charge

• Your first appointment for all medical negligence claimsis also FREE of charge – with no strings attached

• We can pursue your claim under a no win, no fee arrangement so you don’t have to worry about paying a big legal bill if you lose.


To give your claim the best possible chance of success contact our medical negligence team today today.

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    Devizes Medical Negligence Solicitors


    Devizes is home not only to the NHS run Devizes Community Hospital and Green Lane  Mental Hospital  but also to a number of GP practices and private medical clinics. If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence in one of these units, or if you live the Devizes area but have been the victim of a medical mistake at another hospital, perhaps at Salisbury District Hospital or the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

    Whether it’s a missed diagnosis, a surgical procedure gone wrong or simple poor advice which has led to you suffering in some way as a result of the negligence, you should speak to a specialist medical negligence lawyers to see if you grounds for compensation.

    Of all compensation claims, those involving medical negligence are usually the most complex. And particularly if you have already placed your trust in a medical professional, you really don’t want to put your claim into the hands of a solicitor who is not a specialist in this sort of claim.



    If you are thinking about making a medical negligence claim, what’s the most important first step? Undoubtedly to find a solicitor with the right experience and specialist knowledge to support and represent you during what can be a stressful legal process.

    At the time of writing this blog, none of the Devizes based law firms have a medical negligence specialist. We are Wiltshire based Solicitors and, fortunately, we do. And we are just based down the road with offices in Salisbury and Amesbury.


    There are 2 specialist medical negligence [or clinical negligence – it’s the same thing] panels or quality marks – no Devizes Solicitors are on any of them – we are on both i.e.

    o Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel – with just two members in Wiltshire

    o AvMA Medical Negligence Panel –the independent panel run by Action Against Medical Accidents, the UK patient justice charity. This panel also has just two members in Wiltshire

    Our team also includes members of the Specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitors Panel run by Law Assist, and the Law Society Personal Injury Panel.

    What’s more, if you decide to appoint us to represent you in your medical negligence claim, your case won’t be dealt with by a call centre operative or unqualified paralegal. Here at solicitors Bonallack and Bishop, all of our medical negligence team are fully qualified specialist medical negligence solicitors – and in addition one of them is also a qualified nurse, so can guarantee we have the right expertise to help you claim compensation.


    To quote AvMA;

    “Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA or the Law Society, and do not be confused by the term ‘personal injury’ lawyer. Clinical Negligence is a highly specialist field of its own”


    Your initial telephone advice and first appointment is FREE.


    And if your medical condition means you simply can’t travel, then our team are happy to make home or hospital visits to you in Devizes or, in fact, anywhere in Wiltshire.


    Yes. Bringing a complaint can play an important role in winning compensation.

    An internal NHS complaint can help you get an answer as to what actually happened. It could also result in an admission of negligence from the hospital, GP surgery or clinic concerned.


    If you have been the victim of a medical error, contact us now – for FREE initial phone advice and a FREE first appointment from our accredited medical negligence specialists;

    Bonallack and Bishop,
    Rougemont House,
    Rougemont Close,
    SP1 1LY

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      Basingstoke Medical Negligence Solicitors

      Basingstoke Medical Negligence Solicitors. Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel logoHAMPSHIRE BASED MEDICAL COMPENSATION CLAIM SPECIALISTS

      The National Health Service is one of the UK’s best loved institutions and it isn’t hard to see why. It does its best to make sure that everyone who needs care gets it, regardless of their ability to pay – and the vast majority of the time that care is of an impressively high standard.

      However, it has been estimated that around 5% of people are dissatisfied with the service and level of care they have received relating to the diagnosis and treatment of a condition. Some of these people go on to make medical negligence claims; around 7000 such claims are made every year.

      BASINGSTOKE HOSPITAL – RECENT MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE CASESBasingstoke Medical Negligence Solicitors. Action against Medical Accidents Clinical Negligence Panel logo

      When you’re relying on medical professionals to treat you properly, it can be devastating and infuriating when negligence causes you further health problems. In the case of a woman left with serious brain damage after Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital failed to diagnose a brain tumour, the NHS Trust accepted 90% liability and is due a multi-million pound compensation payout.

      After a 5-month-old baby died after a 7-hour wait at Frimley Park Hospital in nearby Farnborough in August 2012, he was left for seven hours before being discharged without seeing a senior specialist. His condition deteriorated and he was rushed back into hospital, where he died at 6am the next morning from meningococcal septicaemia.

      Do you live in Basingstoke? Have you been injured as a result of negligent practice from a doctor or other medical professional?

      We can help – our Hampshire and Wiltshire and Hampshire medical negligence team are here to help you win the compensation you deserve.


      Worryingly, the health trust which runs which runs Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, as well as Andover War Memorial Hospital and the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester,  has had a series of serious medical errors resulting in considerable compensation being paid out.

      Of the 260 health trusts listed in a recent BBC report, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was ranked 68th in terms of those trusts which had to pay out the highest total of medical compensation. In fact between 2012 and 2017, the trust paid out more than £39 million in damages and legal costs.

      In addition to these figures, the South Central Ambulance Service , which also serves the Basingstoke area, apparently paid out £6.2 million in medical compensation between 2012 and 2017 as well.


      Compared with some of the other hospitals in the south that they looked at, the latest inspection ratings published by the government health regulator in November 2015, the Care Quality Commission, doesn’t look too bad.

      In fact the best news for those people in the Basingstoke area who rely on hospital for their medical treatment, is that the overall description in the report was “good”.

      However there were some areas for concern. In particular the report concluded that safety issues “required improvement”. Staffing levels in some of the surgical and medical wards didn’t reach safe levels – and in particular, there were more than expected incidence what are referred to as “avoidable harms – e.g. falls and pressure ulcers.


      Medical negligence claims only involve a particularly complex area of law, but they also need a high level of expertise in understanding the medical issues in your case – which is essential to gather the evidence you need to win your claim, and which will often, for example, require careful analysis of hundreds of pages of medical notes and an ability to understand medical x-rays.


      The easiest way to check is to find out whether or not your law firm and your solicitor is a member of both of the specialist medical negligence solicitor panels:

      •  the Action against Medical Accidents Solicitors’ panel

      •  the Law Society Clinical Negligence Solicitors’ panel [clinical negligence is just another term for medical negligence]

      You can rest assured that the medical negligence team here at Bonallack & Bishop have the specialist expertise you need.  The head of our medical negligence team, Denise Broomfield, is one of just 180 or so solicitors nationwide (out of over 140,000) with membership of both of these specialist panels.


      o We are local law firm – Bonallack and Bishop – with offices in Andover and Salisbury. We represent clients throughout Wiltshire and Hampshire.

      o We are not a claims management company, or a remote call centre law firm – so you will meet and be represented by a specialist solicitor you will come to loan trust

      o Medical negligence claim often involves highly personal information – we offer you a choice of male or female solicitor to represent you

      o We offer a FREE initial phone consultation and FREE first face-to-face meeting

      o Home and hospital visits are available in Basingstoke [and throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire] for those whose injuries prevent them from travelling

      o There is no need to worry about paying legal costs of your medical negligence claim – we are on the panel of most of the major legal insurers, and offer “no win no fee” arrangements


      But don’t leave it too long because there are strict time limits for making a claim – and leaving it as little as three years from the actual negligent incident, could mean you lose out on your right to claim compensation entirely.

      Call us today to avoid making that kind of mistake.


      If you have been the victim of a negligent medical professional, our specialist team can help.

      To help you win the compensation you are entitled to, get in touch with our specialist medical negligence solicitors today.

      • Call us on 01264 364433 or FREEPHONE 0800 1404544,
      • Send us an email using the contact form below

        Winchester Medical Negligence Solicitors

        Genuine expert medical negligence solicitors are hard to come by, but our specialists have the expertise you need to successfully win the compensation that innocent victims of medical errors deserve.

        If you live in Winchester, we can help. Running  medical negligence claims from our local offices in Salisbury and Andover, our expert team understand the difficulties that medical negligence can cause to victims and we can minimise the stress involved in the claims process, allowing you to concentrate on recuperating.


        Medical negligence takes place when the doctor or medical professional in question is in breach of their duty of care towards you as their patient. This means that they must have failed to treat you to the reasonable standard of care that you would expect from someone of their position and experience.

        What’s more, even if they have breached that duty of care and therefore are negligent, you can’t claim compensation unless you’ve suffered some sort of direct physical injury as a result.

        However be warned –making a claim for medical negligence can the slow, so it is crucial that get specialist legal advice it as soon as you think you might have been the victim of a medical error


        If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence, the effects can be truly devastating. In the case of an Andover woman born at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, the repercussions of medical negligence were lifelong.

        Becky Crothall was born at the Winchester hospital in 1988, one of twins, and birthing complications arising from the hospital staff failing to recognise the need for an emergency Caesarean meant that she developed cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. Tragically, her twin died. Nowadays Becky cannot be left unsupervised and is classed as a vulnerable adult. After taking the NHS Trust to court, she was awarded a huge financial payout.

        More recently, in January 2015, the emergency department at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester was the centre of the scandal when despite struggling to cope with patient admissions for a four-day period, the hospital management simply refused to formally declare it as a “major incident” in the face of repeated requests to do so from a number of their senior doctors. Why? Allegedly because it “would look bad in the media” and the Trust would be fined. This is despite the fact that at its worst, the hospital had approximately 25 patients dumped in the ambulance corridor, with the condition of some patients being serious enough to require being given oxygen.

        Interestingly, in one recent survey of hospitals in England and Wales, the Royal Hampshire County Hospital scored what was referred to as a “smart rating” of 94%  and was described as “ one of the best hospitals in the nation based on current indicators and hospital studies”. However strangely, the same survey found that just 67% of the staff actually employed their recommend the hospital! What’s going on there?


        The latest report by the care quality commission on Winchester’s own hospital, run by the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is reasonably positive.

        In general those living in or around the Winchester area will be pleased to know that the hospital was described In the report published by the CQC in November 2015as “good. Let’s hope they keep up the apparent progress.

        However safety issues were described as requiring improvement and in particular the inspection rating found that outpatients also “requires improvement”. That’s a concern given how many local people use outpatients – with 211,418 people  attending outpatient services in 2014. The report was critical in particular of what it described as, “one serious incident requiring investigation “where a patient ‘s health needs simply weren’t followed up at all.

        The trust was also reported to have a disappointingly high number of clinics cancelled at short notice.


        Medical negligence is a very difficult area of law and few solicitors are genuine specialists. Those without sufficient experience and expertise of medical negligence claims are unlikely to win the full compensation you deserve. It’s essential to really understand both law and medicine as the success of your case will depend on a thorough understanding of medical issues and procedure, and the ability to understand the detail of many different kinds of medical evidence, including your GP or hospital notes, specialist reports and x-rays.


        The best way of spotting a real specialist status when it comes to choosing a solicitor to run your medical negligence claim is membership of the two key highly selective expert legal panels. Our medical negligence solicitors are members of both of them namely;

        o the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and

        o the Action against Medical Accidents Panel [which is run by AvMA, the campaigning national patient justice charity]

        Furthermore, our firm – along with just 120 or so others [out of almost 11,000 law firms] nationwide – has been awarded the Law Society’s Specialist Quality Mark for Clinical Negligence.

        And in addition, our medical claims team consists only of experienced and qualified solicitors – your case is not run by a call centre junior but by an individual local solicitor. And what’s more, one of those solicitors is also a qualified and experienced nurse.


        o We are not a claims company or a faceless call centre operation. We are Bonallack and Bishop, a local law firm with offices near to Winchester [in Salisbury, Amesbury and Andover] who specialise in medical negligence cases

        o We offer both initial phone advice and a first consultation FREE of charge

        o We can visit you at home or in hospital anywhere in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, if you are too unwell to travel

        o You needn’t worry about funding your claim either, because we offer ‘no win, no fee’ agreements for medical negligence claims

        o We understand that some medical negligence claims involve very personal information – so you have a choice of a male or female solicitor to run your case


        If you have been the victim of medical negligence, our medical negligence team can help you. For the compensation you deserve, simply get in touch with us today.

        For FREE initial advice from expert Medical Negligence Solicitors you can trust

        • Call our team now FREE on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544, or call one of our local offices directly on Salisbury [01722] 422300 or Andover [01264] 364433
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          Frome Medical Negligence Solicitors

          Do you live in Frome and have you been a victim of medical negligence? If so, you should instruct a medical negligence solicitor immediately. However, given that you won’t find the specialist solicitor you need in Frome, who can you turn to? Bonallack and Bishop have the expertise you need – and we offer home and hospital visits to clients in Frome, as well as throughout Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset..

          We’re not a claims management company – we are a long established firm of solicitors in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset – and with a member of our highly regarded medical negligence team living, just across the border from Frome in Wiltshire, we are not far away and we are more than happy to arrange home and hospital visits.


          Medical negligence claims are generally much more complex than the average accident claim and require a high degree of specialist knowledge. It is really important that the solicitor you choose is a genuine specialist.

          Many solicitors handle medical claims but few have sufficient understanding about medical practice to properly review GP and hospital records, x-rays and independent medical experts, along with the rest of the medical evidence in your case – so that there is a real risk that without a genuine specialist solicitor, they won’t recover the compensation you deserve.

          Here at Bonallack and Bishop, our medical negligence team have all the experience you need.


          It’s often difficult to be sure that your solicitors are really specialist in their field. However, when it comes to medical mistakes, to be sure that your getting a real specialist, you simply need to find out whether they are members of the two leading medical negligence solicitors panels.

          Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog, none of the law firms in Frome have members of either medical negligence panels. In contrast, our team our team is present on both the;

          • The AvMA solicitors panel  [run by national patient victim charity Action Against Medical Accidents ]
          • Law Society Clinical Negligence panel [clinical negligence is just another term for medical negligence].


          Apart from our medical negligence expertise, if you instruct us of your compensation claim, you will benefit from:

          • FREE initial phone advice
          • A first face to face appointment FREE
          • Solicitors who are happy to visit you at home or in hospital
          • A no win no fee agreement which ensure that you receive 100% of the damages you win and pay noting if you lose.


          There is a limited time frame in which make your compensation claim, so get in touch with our specialist medical negligence team without delay.

          • You can either call us on 01722 422300 for free initial claims advice, or
          • Email us using the enquiry form below:

            Isle Of Wight Medical Negligence Solicitors

            When it comes to winning damages following medical negligence, you are always best off with specialist solicitors with plenty of medical negligence claims experience. Unfortunately such specialists are, at least at the time of writing this blog, unavailable on the Isle of Wight.

            The good news is that Bonallack & Bishop are nearby and are happy to help with your compensation claim against St Mary’s Hospital or any other medical professional on the Island.


            Unfortunately, medical care on the Isle of Wight has seen better days. The first report on Isle of Wight NHS Trust by the the CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals in 2014 rated many services at St Mary’s Hospital and IOW Community Health services as requiring improvement, resulting in the IOW NHS Trust being issued with a warning notice. There were particular concerns with regard to staffing levels, admissions and the proper regulation of medicines.

            Worringly, both actual medical care (including older people’s care) and what is referred to as “end of life care” were both described as “requiring improvement” – which according to the Care Quality Commission simply means that the service isn’t performing as well as it should.

            In addition to this, the report found that A&E patients were, quite remarkably, being assessed by a receptionist with no medical qualifications whatsoever.

            Sadly this wasn’t the first sign of problems at the Isle of Wight’s principal NHS hospital. In 2012, a health watchdog investigated St Mary’s hospital after a patient reported being discharged onto the streets barefoot and in their nightclothes at 4.30am.

            2012 also saw a rise in the number of patients suffering from pressure sores in the Isle of Wight. According to the Isle of Wight County Press, the number of patients being treated in St Mary’s Hospital who developed the condition increased by 1.3% from September to October in 2012 and the number of bed sores considered to be serious increased by nearly 0.3% over the same period.

            Pressure sores cause sufferers excruciating pain and the condition can be unbearably uncomfortable. However, it is believed that no patient should have to suffer from the condition as many people believe that all pressure sores can be avoided if the necessary steps are taken. The number of cases of pressure sores in hospitals and care homes is unacceptably high and it is time for medical professionals to take the problem more seriously.

            In order to combat the increase in pressure sores amongst patients, healthcare workers must carry out regular risk assessments and draw up care plans which account for the risks identified. If there is any equipment such as mattresses which reduce the pressure on the skin, these should be purchases and distributed accordingly.

            More recently, in April 2015, a man was awarded a seven-figure sum in compensation plus annual payments for being discharged from St Mary’s despite having severe head injuries and permanent brain damage.

            If you’ve suffered as a result of negligence at the hands of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, you could be entitled to compensation too.


            Due to the complexity of this area of law, winning your claim is never easy and requires a lawyer with an excellent grasp of both legal and medical concepts. Our medical solicitors have the required skills to call themselves genuine specialists so if you instruct one of our team you will give yourself the best possible chance of success.

            However, don’t just take our word for the need for specialist advice – here is a direct quote from the website of AvMA – Action against Medical Accidents, the independent and highly regarded UK medical negligence victim support charity;

            “Whenever choosing a solicitor in clinical negligence look for our quality mark. We can only recommend solicitors who we have accredited through our robust and independent system.”



            Unlike the vast majority of medical negligence (also known as clinical negligence) lawyers who claim to be specialists, our medical negligence team can prove their specialist status through their membership of two highly exclusive medical negligence legal panels

            Out of over 100,000 qualified solicitors, only around 180 are members of both the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel and the Action Against Medical Accidents Panel. The head of our specialist medical claims team is one of them, and that’s why we run so many medical negligence cases on the Island.

            You won’t find any other solicitors in the Isle of Wight with such accreditation which is why to give yourself the best chance of success in winning the compensation you deserve,  choose the specialist medical negligence team here at Bonallack & Bishop.


            Contact one of our solicitors for;

            • a FREE no strings attached initial phone consultation on whether you have grounds for compensation
            • a first appointment FREE of charge
            • No win no fee funding form your claim so you don’t have to worry about paying your legal bill


            We pride ourselves on our excellent client service.  So if your medical condition means that you can’t travel the serious, our team are happy to make home and hospital visits if desired.


            All medical negligence claims strict time limits – that means if you put off contacting a solicitor about making your claim, you could lose out on the compensation you deserve entirely.


            If you have been harmed by a negligent medical professional, it is only fair that you are compensated for the pain, suffering and financial hardship that you’ve endured. Our specialist medical negligence lawyers will work tirelessly to recover the full and fair amount of compensation you deserve.

            • For your FREE initial phone consultation, call our team now on FREEPHONE
              [0800] 1404544
            • Alternatively you can reach us via email using the enquiry form below.

              Hertfordshire Medical Negligence

              Do you live in Hertfordshire? Have you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a medical mistake?

              You could be entitled to claim compensation and the specialist team of medical negligence solicitors here at Bonallack and Bishop can help you win that compensation.

              UPDATE West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust – slammed as “inadequate”

              The recent report on the trust by the Care Quality Commission [CQC] dated 10 September 2015 makes dreadful reading.

              Let’s start off with its overall description. The hospitals run by the trust are simply “inadequate”.

              But what does that actually mean? Well first of all it the second worst rating possible. The worst rating would be “no rating or rating suspended”. The CQC themselves describe “inadequate” as meaning “performing badly and we’ve taken enforcement action against the provider of the service.”

              And going into more detail, the report doesn’t get any better. The five main areas of service provided by the hospitals are described as follow;

              • Safety – Inadequate
              • Effectiveness – Requires improvement
              • Levels of care – Requires improvement
              • Speed of Response –  Requires improvement
              • Leadership – Inadequate

              And ratings for the three individual hospitals run by the trust were little better.

              Hemel Hempstead General Hospital  was classified as “Requires improvement”, whilst the other two hospitals –  St Albans City Hospital and Watford General Hospital were both considered even worse – being described as “Inadequate”.

              All in all very worrying for anyone living in Hertfordshire who has to rely on the medical services provided by these three local hospitals.


              Sadly, Hertfordshire hospitals have seen a steady catalogue of really serious mistakes in the last few years. Here are just 4 of them;

              • Stevenage Lister Hospital required 20,000 cancer smear tests to be re-checked after one of the tester’s results dropped below the minimum 90% accuracy target for accuracy. It is estimated that about 1000 women would have to come in for a second test. The original tests were taken at Stevenage Lister Hospital, and although the samples were actually tested at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City’s QE II Hospital between July 2013 and March 2014, the need for retesting wasn’t announced until February 2015
              • January 2014 saw a disappointing report on Watford General Hospital by the Care Quality Commission – Britain’s hospital regulator. As part of a routine inspection, the hospital met the required standard on only one category “Respecting and involving people who use services”. It stated that action was needed on the remaining five categories which were;
                • Care and welfare of people who use services
                • Cleanliness and infection control
                • Staffing
                • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
                • Records
              • A report in October 2015 on ‘never events’ during surgery (i.e. events that should never have happened with proper medical care) found that the East And North Hertfordshire NHS Trust [responsible both for the Stevenage Lister Hospital and QE II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City]  was rated second worst nationally – with mistakes including surgery on the wrong finger and a swab having been left inside a patient after a clinical procedure
              • January 2015 saw West Hertfordshire NHS Trust apologise for an incredible ‘wrong body’ mix-up – when having been told that his father had died, a man was taken to see his father’s body – but actually shown that of another recently deceased patient. The report from the NHS Trust failed to identify at which of the 3 general hospitals belonging to the trust [St Albans City, Watford General, or Hemel Hempstead], the incident occurred.

              Sadly, these errors are just the tip of the iceberg. Hertfordshire hospitals seem to have a high level of medical mistakes.


              Any claim for compensation following medical negligence is complex – your solicitor will need to understand medical procedure and interpret medical records and x-rays.

              But don’t just take our word for it.

              Here is a direct quote from the website of the excellent patient justice charity AvMA [Action against Medical Accidents]];

              “If you need legal advice about a potential clinical negligence claim, speak to a specialist clinical negligence solicitor accredited by AvMA. Beware of commercial websites and organisations that will seek to make money out of your ordeal. Whenever choosing a solicitor in clinical negligence look for our quality mark. We can only recommend solicitors who we have accredited through our robust and independent system. Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA, and do not be confused by the term ‘personal injury’ lawyer.”



              There are over 100,000 qualified solicitors nationwide, but it is only just 180 or who have been accredited by both the AvMA Specialist Medical Negligence Panel,  and the other leading panel for medical negligence solicitors – the Law Society’s own Clinical Negligence Solicitors Panel.

              Currently there are no solicitors anywhere in Hertfordshire on either of these panels.

              However here at Bonallack and Bishop [this website is run by us, not by claims management company] , not only does our team includes members of both of these panels, but the team also includes a solicitors who was previously a fully qualified highly experienced nurse. So you can be sure that our team really understand claiming compensation for medical errors.

              We are more than happy to represent people living in Hertfordshire – in fact we are currently running medical compensation claims for a number of clients in Hertfordshire.


              • FREE first phone consultation
              • FREE first appointment
              • Your claim will be run throughout by a named specialist solicitor – not a call centre junior
              • No win, no fee available to run your claim – so you won’t need to worry about racking up a big legal bill.
              • Home and hospital visits for those who cannot travel


              Don’t delay talking to a solicitor – it’s important to know that time limitation periods apply to every medical compensation claim – so leaving getting legal advice for too long could result in you losing out on the compensation you are due.

              For FREE initial advice and a FREE 1st appointment from expert Solicitors you can trust

              • Call our team now FREE on FREEPHONE 0800 1404544
              • Or use the contact form below

                Hemel Hempstead Medical Negligence

                Have you, or a family member, been the victim of a medical error at Hemel Hempstead Hospital?

                If the answer is yes, you could be entitled to claim compensation. But for the best chances of a successful claim, you’re going to need an accredited specialist medical negligence solicitor. And at the time of writing, not only is there no such solicitor in Hemel Hempstead, but there’s no such specialist anywhere in the whole of Hertfordshire.

                But we can help – the specialist team of accredited medical negligence solicitors here at Bonallack and Bishop [the law firm who run this website] can help you win that compensation.

                The statistics make it clear how few genuinely independently accredited specialists there are – out of over 100,000 solicitors nationwide, just 180 have been accredited by the other leading panel for medical negligence solicitors [for details see below] and our team is led by one of them. And another member of the team, prior to qualification as a solicitor, was a highly experienced nurse.

                What’s more we regularly run cases in Hertfordshire.


                Hemel Hempstead Hospital sees over 100,000 patients every year, and thankfully most of them receive excellent treatment. But unfortunately there have been a series of worrying mistakes made at the hospital recently,and indeed throughout Hertfordshire, some of which have given rise to medical negligence claims.

                Here are just four causes of real concern.

                • Latest CQC inspection report dated 10 September 2015
                  The recent report by independent hospital regulator, the Care Quality Commission is not good news for local people. In short, the overall conclusion was that the hospital “requires improvement”.Of the four main areas looked at by the report, where there was enough information available to the sea QC, three out of four were described as substandard. In particular they found the following; 

                  •  Safety – Requires improvement
                  •  Speed of Response –  Requires improvement
                  • Leadership – Inadequate

                The only good news was that overall, the level of care was described as good.

                However things got no better when the CQC went into more detail, looking at particular services. Of the only two services where there was enough information, both outpatients and A&E were both described as “requiring improvement”.

                All very worrying if you live in Hemel Hempstead and require medical care from your local hospital.

                • However sadly the latest 2016 report was nothing new.
                  Respected hospital statistics website Dr Foster had issued a major report, covering patient deaths in NHS Trusts in England between April 2012 and March 2013. The report revealed that 16 NHS Trusts had higher death rates than would be expected among patients, and others performed badly on other factors which may contribute to patient deaths. One of the poorly performing Trusts was West Hertfordshire Hospital NHS Trust, which is responsible for three hospitals – Watford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead General Hospital.

                Dr Foster looked into a range of hospital statistics such as a raw measure of how many people died during their hospital stay, how many died post-surgery, the numbers of patients how died within 30 days of being discharged from hospital and the deaths among low-risk patients who would have ordinarily be expected to survive. All of these figures showed that 10 hospital Trusts have one or more individual sites which have a death rate which is higher than the average for that particular Trust area.

                • Then in January 2015,  West Hertfordshire NHS Trust had to apologise for a horrible error. A man, after he had been informed that his father had died in hospital, was taken to seize father’s body – to pay his last respects. However some sort of mistake occurred and the man was actually shown the body of not his father – but of another patient who had recently died. The trust refused to identify which of the three hospitals they run was responsible for the error.
                • This followed a series of earlier errors where 810 suspected cancer patients were discharged, between January 2010 and November 2013, without having been seen. It is believed that at least one person died directly as a result of this failure and the others all needed to have their case reviewed. The Government’s Care Quality Commission has been looking into these failures.

                Even Hemel Hempstead hospital’s own Facebook page fails to inspire confidence. At the time of writing this article, the latest post from a patient read as follows:

                “There does not appear to be any one at Hemel Hospital or within the trust who knows how to deal with complaints , or is it that they just cannot be bothered ?”

                Unsurprisingly, in 5 months, no one from the hospital has bothered answering this post on their own website.

                Doesn’t give you much confidence does it?


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                  Our medical negligence team are genuine specialists and if you live in Poole, we can help win you the compensation you are entitled to.


                  One girl born at Poole Hospital in 2004, who was a larger than average baby due to her mother’s medical condition, was left disabled at birth because of errors made by hospital staff.

                  When she was born, hospital staff used something known as the ‘corkscrew’ method to deliver her — something which displaced her right shoulder. , leaving Laura unable to use her right arm. Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust were found guilty of medical negligence and Laura was awarded £100,000 in compensation, which she will receive on her 18th birthday.

                  Thankfully Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust apologised to Laura’s family, something which a surprising number of hospitals simply refuse to do even after clear mistakes are pointed out. The hospital also disclosed that the training of doctors has been “strengthened” since the mistakes made during Laura’s birth.

                  Remarkably recent research suggests that up to 5% of patients suffer whilst getting medical treatment as a result of medical negligence [often referred to as clinical negligence – it’s the same thing].


                  Early 2016 saw the publication by Monitor [the nationwide health regulator] of the NHS  “leaning from mistakes” league table. The good news is that Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was ranked top in Dorset,and 30th out of 230 NHS trusts in England.

                  Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction to reduce the number of errors made at the hospital.


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                    Maidstone Hospital – more negligence and poor performance

                    Maidstone Hospital – medical errors and lack of improvement – the latest update

                    Since this blog was originally written back in 2014, the position at Maidstone Hospital doesn’t seem to have improved.

                    The latest review was made by the Care Quality Commission report on the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust which runs a number of other services including The Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury. The overall conclusion was that the trust still “requires improvement”.

                    In describing how the trust was run, as you will see below, only the level of care was described as good. All the others either required improvement and its particular damning that the leadership was described as frankly “inadequate”. In particular the report found the following;

                    • Safety – Requires improvement
                    • Effective – Requires improvement
                    • Levels of care – Good
                    • Speed of Response –  Requires improvement
                    • Leadership – Inadequate

                    If that wasn’t bad enough, of the 7 individual medical services provided by the Maidstone Hospital Trust,  just one was up to scratch. The report described these services as follows;

                    • A and E services (A&E) – Requires improvement
                    • End of life care  – Requires improvement
                    • Medical care (including older people’s care) – Requires improvement
                    • Intensive  care- Inadequate
                    • Maternity and gynaecology – Good
                    • Outpatients – Requires improvement
                    • Services for children & young people -Requires improvement

                    It really doesn’t make good reading does it.

                    Recent medical mistakes?

                    There was the case of Frances Cappuccini, the 30 year old mother of two, who died after giving birth by emergency Caesarean section. Her husband is currently in the process of making a medical negligence claim against the trust.

                    In 2015, a widow from Aylesford was awarded £177,000 for the death of her husband – after his heart condition Mars missed by Maidstone Hospital in December 2012. The man had earlier been discharged with follow-up and during the subsequent investigation the hospital eventually admitted that he should have been admitted to hospital instead of being sent home.

                    Here is the original post

                    Grieving relatives of five patients who died following keyhole surgery have been angered by what they believe is a “cover-up” by hospital authorities. They have demanded to be told the truth about the circumstances leading to the deaths of their loved ones.

                    Expected legal action for medical negligence

                    They are now preparing to take legal action against Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent and have voiced their concern about the failure to reveal the full findings of an external formal investigation by the Royal College of Surgeons.

                    Three NHS surgeons, based at the trust, have been stopped from carrying out the procedure for upper gastrointestinal cancer but have been allowed to carry on working.

                    Lawyers are now looking at a further 17 cases involving the surgery that has led to complications or death following botched operations by the consultants.

                    Despite the ban on carrying out the keyhole operation used on cancer patients, the three surgeons are still continuing with their usual duties and other surgical procedures at the trust’s hospitals alongside their private work.

                    The scandal is the latest of many in recent times to hit the turbulent NHS trust. The three men have been referred to the General Medical Council (GMC) that is poised to consider whether to investigate their fitness to practice while no disciplinary action has yet been taken against them by the trust.

                    Controversy also surrounds the motives of the three surgeons in carrying out the keyhole procedure amid claims that it was an attempt to raise their personal professional profiles in what is a highly competitive field.

                    It is understood that medics who were invited to attend a live broadcast of one such procedure, which resulted in the death of a 51-year-old patient, paid in the region of £900 for tickets to attend the practical seminar.

                    The relatives of those who died are now in the process of suing for medical negligence and Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust has also referred itself to the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) after “unexpected” and “potentially avoidable” fatalities after gastrointestinal surgical procedures in 2012 and 2013.

                    Following an investigation by the RCS it was recommended that the trust cease all “oesophageal and gastric resection operations” until it had addressed its failings.

                    It issued a warning stating that the surgeons had not demonstrated “sufficient attention to the detail of surgical outcomes or clinical decision-making in respect of keyhole procedures.” The full RCS report on its findings has not yet been revealed by the trust.

                    It is understood that the report makes reference to an anonymous letter from whistleblowers working for the trust highlighting their serious concerns about “dangerous and unethical practices” in surgery and the frequency of warnings made by staff in the unit over poor standards of care.

                    Meanwhile patients are now forced to travel to St Thomas’ Hospital, London, while the GI work is suspended at the trust.

                    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust defended its position in not releasing the full report following the RCS investigation stating that it was the focus of a continuing review by the GMC and consultants and may involve points of “factual accuracy”.

                    The trust added that it fully “accepted and implemented” the review’s recommendations and that this meant consultants responsible for the procedure should no longer carry out laparoscopic upper gastrointestinal cancer surgery.

                    Maidstone Hospital and medical negligence – it’s nothing new

                    This particular Trust is of course no stranger to controversy. Back in 2007 the Healthcare Commission was strongly critical of the way the Trust handled a nasty outbreak of Clostridium Difficile [or C Difficile as it is usually known] in its hospitals in a period April 2004 to September 2006. The Commission’s report estimated that about 90 patients “definitely or probably” died as a result of the superbug infection, a situation which, the Health Secretary at the time, Alan Johnson, described as “scandalous”.

                    My concern about medical negligence in Maidstone – it’s really personal

                    I’m particularly interested in this case. Firstly, I was born and bred in Maidstone – after being born in the old Fant Lane Hospital, I was very well treated in a number of admissions as a child to the old West Kent General Hospital in Marsham Street in the town centre.

                    What’s more, my father was Secretary of the group of local hospitals back in the 70s – which meant he was responsible for running West Kent and some others – and I’m sure he would have been horrified by the culture of poor standards that seems to have become endemic to the Maidstone Hospital since then. The NHS Trust seems prepared to put up with case after case of medical negligence – and when it comes to medical negligence and Maidstone, that’s a very sore spot with me – as my father, who died back in the 1980s after retiring from the hospital service, did so at Maidstone General Hospital after his own cancer was misdiagnosed for some time by a local GP.

                    Victim of medical negligence at Maidstone Hospital? Get expert advice today

                    If you’re thinking of making a claim following the death of a loved one at Maidstone Hospital, I really do understand that nothing can replace them – but our specialist medical negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation for your loss, and it will help to ensure that local NHS doesn’t continue to make mistakes like the one the cost me my father.

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