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Although most medical procedures in and around Poole go ahead successfully and without complications, not everyone is so fortunate.

If you are the victim of medical negligence you may find that you can no longer work, putting your and your family’s financial security at risk. The decision to make a medical negligence claim is not an easy one – but given what’s at stake, it is important that you choose a specialist solicitor.

Our medical negligence team are genuine specialists and if you live in Poole, we can help win you the compensation you are entitled to.


One girl born at Poole Hospital in 2004, who was a larger than average baby due to her mother’s medical condition, was left disabled at birth because of errors made by hospital staff.

When she was born, hospital staff used something known as the ‘corkscrew’ method to deliver her — something which displaced her right shoulder. , leaving Laura unable to use her right arm. Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was found guilty of medical negligence and Laura was awarded £100,000 in compensation, which she will receive on her 18th birthday.

Thankfully Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust apologised to Laura’s family, something which a surprising number of hospitals simply refuse to do even after clear mistakes are pointed out. The hospital also disclosed that the training of doctors has been “strengthened” since the mistakes made during Laura’s birth.

Remarkably recent research suggests that up to 5% of patients suffer whilst getting medical treatment as a result of medical negligence [often referred to as clinical negligence – it’s the same thing].


Early 2016 saw the publication by Monitor [the nationwide health regulator] of the NHS  “leaning from mistakes” league table. The good news is that Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was ranked top in Dorset, and 30th out of 230 NHS trusts in England.

Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction to reduce the number of errors made at the hospital.


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Our solicitors will determine early on what the prospects of success are for your claim – and the level of damages you are likely to receive. What’s more, our medical negligence team are familiar with all types of medical claims, including:

• Surgical negligence

• Claims against GPs

• Private medical treatment claims

• Birth injury claims

• Negligent treatment of sports injuries

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