Surrey Medical Negligence Claims

We all rely on medical experts when our health fails us, so if you’ve suffered medical negligence at the hands of a doctor, nurse or surgeon the results can be devastating.

If you live in Surrey, we can help you to get the justice you deserve and enforce your right to compensation for the damage that has been caused.

Most firms of solicitors will take on a medical negligence claim, but few have the specialist knowledge required to get a fair and valuable resolution. We are experts in medical negligence, and our team of medical negligence solicitors deal only with claims of this type, allowing you to be able to rely on the experts and be sure that your case is in the best possible hands.

At Bonallack & Bishop, one of the solicitors in our medical negligence team is a fully qualified and experienced nurse. So you know when you instruct us, you’re working with people who really understand medical errors and how the claims process works.


Your solicitor will need to view your GP’s and hospital medical records in order to understand your condition, the way it was diagnosed and treated and the ways in which the medical professional was negligent in his or her care towards you.

This can include viewing, and more critically, understanding and interpreting;

·         x-rays

·         scans

·         GP and hospital notes

The gathering of evidence is crucial to any legal case, and in a serious situation such as bringing about a claim of professional negligence against a doctor or surgeon, having the facts at hand is particularly important.

Medical negligence claims can encompass any one of a range of potential issues, including the failure of a doctor to diagnose a serious medical condition right through to rare but extremely serious issues such as a surgeon amputating the wrong limb. This might sound like a storyline from a sitcom, but surprisingly it does happen and it can naturally be devastating for the patient. No matter how trivial you may feel it is, if you have suffered negligence at the hands of a doctor, surgeon or nurse, you could be entitled to compensation which could help you to rebuild your life and protect others from negligence at the hands of the same medical professional.


A woman from Guildford who was blind, deaf, incontinent and suffering from severe dementia was subject to substandard care, had her NHS funding removed and died in 2006. Her son fought for legal recompense and won a payout of £100,000 from NHS Surrey.

Another woman, aged 88, died in Frimley Park Hospital in 2013 after a nurse misread her prescription and administered ten times the appropriate dose of morphine. Her family successfully sued Frimley Health Foundation Trust in court.

At East Surrey Hospital, a woman died from a brain haemorrhage in 2009 after what was described as a ‘catalogue of errors’. Her sister, a nurse, sued the NHS for £250,000. East Surrey Hospital alone paid out £1.8 million in compensation and lawyers’ fees in 2010/11, which is hugely disappointing for local people who put their trust in the staff there.


It can seem incredibly daunting to take legal action against a medical professional, particularly at a time when you’re feeling vulnerable and potentially even violated by the action of a person who was supposed to be acting in your best interests and looking after your health.

Our specialist solicitors understand how painful that can be, so we’re here to ensure that you’re in the best possible hands. We provide FREE initial advice — both on the phone and in a face to face first interview — and your claim will be run on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about spiralling legal costs.

When many people see the words ‘no win, no fee’, they think of the ambulance chasers and pop-up firms of claims managers who chase compensation. We are an established firm of solicitors with offices across the south of England, specialising in medical negligence cases with a solicitor who will handle your case personally — no call centres or unqualified teenagers here.


It’s really important to know that there are strict deadlines when it comes to claiming medical negligence compensation. So it is vital that you call our team at the earliest possible opportunity.

Leaving it too late could mean that you miss out entirely on valuable compensation for the loss and distress you have been caused.

Don’t risk losing your right to the compensation you deserve — call us today for your free consultation to see if you have grounds for a medical negligence claim.


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