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If you live in Southampton and have suffered some form of injury as a result of the negligence of a careless medical professional, you will need solicitors specialising in medical negligence to help you claim compensation. Our Wiltshire and Hampshire-based specialist medical negligence team serves Southampton – and can to help you win the compensation you deserve.


Instructing a specialist solicitor is crucial and the team here at Bonallack & Bishop is dedicated to medical negligence claims. In order to gather the evidence needed to win your claim, your solicitor will have to go through your medical notes with a fine toothcomb, picking out the relevant information. They will also need to really understand any specialist medical report and interpret any relevant x-rays for example. This all requires a really thorough comprehension of medical terminology and only solicitors who specialise in medical negligence claims will have the necessary expertise to do this.

If you do instruct us to help you claim your compensation, you won’t be dealt with by an unqualified junior “paralegal” or a call centre operative. We believe medical negligence claims are far too important and complex to be run by junior staff. That’s why here at solicitors Bonallack and Bishop, all of our medical negligence team are fully qualified and highly experienced solicitors – and one of them, prior to qualification as a solicitor spent many years as a specialist nurse.


We’ve all received medical care that we’ve been unhappy with at some point in our lives, but when that level of care becomes negligence, you may have grounds for compensation. Unfortunately, incidences of medical negligence in and around the Southampton area are, sadly, quite common.

In 2011, a patient at Southampton General Hospital was found to have received negligent care for something as simple as the food being provided to him by hospital catering firm Medirest being judged ‘a disgrace’. The patient won a county court case and was reimbursed for the cost of having to obtain food elsewhere.

Much more seriously, in November 2013 a 19 day old baby with a congenital heart defect died during heart surgery at Southampton General Hospital after being given four times the solution needed to stop his heart during the operation

Then the family of a small girl who died on Christmas Day in 2013 after treatment at Southampton General Hospital received £30,000 compensation from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust after the negligent treatment she received at Queen Alexandria Hospital in nearby Portsmouth.


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