Sherborne Medical Negligence Solicitors

There are no solicitors currently working in Sherborne who have the medical negligence expertise you need to maximise your chances of winning the compensation you are entitled to. However, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset law firm Bonallack & Bishop has a specialist medical negligence team. They are based just the few miles away in Salisbury and the specialist can help you.


To win your medical negligence claim, your solicitor will need to trawl through many, often hundreds, of pages of hospital or GP notes, will need to examine your x-rays and carefully consider one or more reports from an independent medical experts – and in doing so will need to pick out the relevant evidence to support your claim.

This needs consider experience and specialist medical knowledge – something that most solicitors, simply don’t have enough of.

Medical negligence cases are usually the most complex of compensation claims, run by solicitors. Would you rather your solicitor was a specialist with a detailed understanding of both legal and medical concepts, or a generalist with only a passing interest in medical negligence claims?


One of the clearest signs that a solicitor is a specialist is their membership of Solicitors’ panels. Our medical negligence experts are accredited members of both the leading medical negligence panels accreditations whereas the solicitors we found currently operating in Sherborne have none:

• Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel [clinical negligence is simply another term for medical negligence]

• Action against Medical Accidents Panel [run by AvMA, the national patient justice charity]

These panels are difficult to get on and to stay on – they both require regular specialist training, and plenty of ongoing medical negligence experience. Reaccreditation is required regularly, so you can be reassured that any panel member is an up-to-date expert. Only a couple of hundred solicitors nationwide are accredited by either of these panels. Our teams includes members of both.

Another thing to watch out for when picking a medical negligence specialist is

• The Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark for Clinical Excellence

Any 120 law firms nationwide [out of almost 11,000] have been awarded the specialist quality Mark – Bonallack and Bishop is one of them.

These panels are very difficult to get onto and indeed remain on. Our membership demonstrates the fact that we consistently exact high standards and have an excellent record winning medical negligence compensation claims for clients.


  • We offer FREE phone advice and a FREE first appointment for all medical negligence claims
  • We ran medical negligence claims under no win no fee arrangements – so you keep every penny of your compensation if you win and pay nothing if you lose
  • Home and hospital visits are available throughout Dorset


Don’t forget that your medical negligence compensation claim is subject to strict time limits. To avoid missing out on the compensation you deserve, contact Bonallack & Bishop’s team of medical negligence specialists today.

If you would like to get in touch with one of our specialists, simply call 01722 422300,

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