Epilepsy Medical Negligence Claim

Epilepsy or “seizure disorder” as it is sometimes referred to as, is a condition affecting the nervous system which causes sufferers to have seizures. These seizures are usually categorised as either partial or generalised.

There are around 40 types of epilepsy and they all have different effects upon the sufferer, from partial symptoms such as twitching or déjà-vu, to generalised symptoms such as loss of consciousness, stiffening of the body and uncontrollable jerking movements.

Epilepsy Misdiagnosis

The drugs used to treat epilepsy known as Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AEDs) can have very serious side effects. Unfortunately, these drugs are sometimes prescribed to the wrong people. Patients with migraines or other minor problems are sometimes diagnosed with epilepsy and go on to take AEDs which have serious effects on their health and cause great stress to them and their families.

Those who have been correctly diagnosed can also be negligently treated. Doctors may give patients a dosage or combination of AEDs which is dangerous considering other underlying health problems that they may have. Taking a many different AEDs can halt someone’s development both educationally and personally, so negligent epilepsy diagnosis is extremely serious.

Claiming Compensation

Anyone who has been affected by medical negligence relating to epilepsy should get in touch with a special medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible. You may be entitled to claim compensation for the suffering such negligence has caused in which case we would be able to help claim the full and fair award you are entitled to.

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