Your First Appointment

When you attend your first appointment with our Medical Negligence Claim Solicitors it is very useful if you could bring certain information with you. This will help to speed the process along and help us start to gather the evidence in support of your claim.

The things you will need to bring are:

• Personal details – including your name, address, date of birth, marital status and NI number.

• ID. Ideally, this should be a photo ID such as a driving license or passport. We also need to confirm your address, so please bring a utility bill as well.

• The date of the accident or incident you would like us to investigate.

• If you only realised a while after the incident that something was wrong, we need to know when you discovered this.

• Details , if you have it, of the consultant or other medical professional, as well as the relevant NHS Trust responsible for your care at the time of the negligence.

• A summary of your condition at the time you went into hospital/sought medical treatment – and in particular if you had any previous relevant medical problems;.

• A summary of the negligence and what you think went wrong.

• If you were provided with an explanation, in advance, of your treatment; whether you were warned of any risks; if you were told of alternative treatments, and what information you received on what you would happen if you were not treated

• Financial expenses information. It’s useful to have a summary of the expenses you have incurred as a result of the negligence, such as medical costs and loss of earnings.

• Any correspondence you may have had with the relevant doctors or other medical staff that relates to the incident in question.

• Anything else that is relevant to the incident

• Last, but not least, a list of any particular questions you want to ask your solicitor

For specialist legal advice, contact our Medical Negligence Claim Solicitors

Make sure that you don’t delay getting in touch – strict time limits apply, and if you leave it too long, you could find that you’ve lost your right to claim compensation for a medical error entirely.

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