Types of Injury Compensation

The amount of injury compensation you will receive for a successful medical negligence claim depends on the particulars of your case. This means it is hard to predict an exact amount of compensation, but when deciding how much you should receive, a judge will consider:

• Your loss of earnings due to illness or injury caused by negligence

• The cost of your care prior to the trial due to negligent treatment

• The pain and suffering you have gone through as a result of the negligence (including factors such as reduction in life expectancy, psychological damage and other effects on your life)

• The cost of your future care as a result of the negligence

• The impact of the negligence on your future potential to earn, including loss of pensions and loss of earnings following the trial

As it is not always possible to know how the impact of the medical negligence will affect you in the future, you can sometimes also claim provisional damages. Most damages fall under the categories of ‘special’ and ‘general’ damages. Very occasionally, you can also claim ‘aggravated’ damages, which can be awarded if a medical professional has behaved in a way that was disgraceful as well as negligent.

Medical Negligence Injury Compensation – looking at similar cases

Your solicitor may also look at levels of injury compensation in comparable cases in the past and use these as a guide when making a case for damages. For cases that were decided some years ago, your solicitor can estimate how much the level of compensation should be increased to take into account inflation. The final decision on compensation is down to the judge, but appointing the right medical solicitor lays a huge part in determining how much you are entitled to.

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