Surgical negligence

Going into hospital for surgery can be daunting. You put your trust in the surgeons looking after you and expect them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Most of the time, of course, surgical operations are completed without a hitch and the patient makes a full recovery as the vast majority of surgeons are excellent at their jobs.

However, avoidable mistakes do take place in surgery –so if you have suffered personal injury as a result of surgical negligence, you need to get specialist legal advice about the possibility of making a surgical medical negligence claim.

Surgical medical negligence claim – common causes

There are quite a few reasons why surgical negligence might be an issue – these can include:

• You are given surgery to which you have not consented

• A failure on the part of the surgeons to discuss the risks and repercussions of the surgery with you

• Complications during the surgery that could have been avoided

• A failure to carry out the proper tests or to act on the results of tests

• A failure to administer the right amount of anaesthetic

• Poor surgical technique that leads to the failure of the operation and/or harm to the patient

• Unexpected damage to tissue, nerves and muscles caused by the surgery

• Poor care after the operation

• Infections that arise as a result of the surgery

Proving medical negligence in a surgical procedure

Experiencing complications as a result of surgery can be very distressing and it’s important that such issues are handled properly. Surgical negligence can sometimes be difficult to prove – so getting the right legal advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor is a must. There is, for example, a difference between a surgeon taking drastic action which causes unexpected complications but which was carried out because there was a genuine emergency with no alternative – and, on the other hand, a surgeon taking action that could be seen as negligent (e.g. if the emergency that prompted the action could have been avoided in the first place). It can sometimes be hard to prove the distinction – so you need to instruct a legal expert.

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