Nursing home negligence

Life expectancy in the UK is increasing and the chances are that many of those reading this will find themselves in a nursing home in later life. Due to dwindling care home resources, it’s more important than ever that middle-aged people feel that they can feel reassured that placing their elderly parents into a nursing home is the best option. All nursing home staff are expected to write a good level of care and to provide medical assistance at all times when it’s required. Sometimes however, mistakes can be made.

Specialist care and attention is often required by elderly patients as they often suffer with health problems and diseases which don’t affect younger patients. This can be challenging for healthcare workers and doctors, who have to ensure that their particular group of needs are being met. It can be difficult to recognise these different diseases too, so a more holistic approach is sometimes required to ensure these patients are treated appropriately.

Nursing home negligence and neglect – what can you do?

Elderly people are especially vulnerable and defenceless within a nursing home. If your loved one or elderly relative has received substandard medical care while in a nursing home, it can cause great upset and distress to you and your family- but they could be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation.

The NHS have developed guidelines which can help you to spot the signs of medical negligence and this includes the appearance of any physical injuries such as cuts or grazes, bruises or signs of physical restraint. If the patient appears in distress or shows a sudden change in their character, dramatic weight loss, bed sores or personal hygiene issues, then all of these are signs that a person is receiving inadequate care.

If you believe that your elderly relative has received substandard care, a medical negligence solicitor can help. They can provide you with impartial advice and assess your claim to let you know how much you could earn in compensation.

Considering a Nursing home Negligence Claim?

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