Medication errors

Normally when you are prescribed medication, it’s be safe for you to take and should do its job without causing you any problems. However, in rare situations, medication prescribed by a doctor, or given while you are in hospital, could have adverse side effects. Depending on how the medication was prescribed for you, you might have grounds for a successful medication medical negligence claim.

Medication medical negligence claims – common examples

Amongst the medication errors that might lead to a medical negligence claim, are;

• You are given the incorrect dosage of medication

• You are prescribed a particular drug for too long

• You are given a particular drug even though you are known to be allergic to it

• You are prescribed medications together that should not be taken together

 Medication medical negligence claims – common causes

Medication errors could be caused by a number of things, including;

• If your doctor has kept poor notes then they might prescribe you something you’re allergic to by mistake

• Poor communication between medical professionals can also be an issue

• Doctors failing to check your records before giving you a certain drug

• Failure to properly review the medication you are taking can also lead to problems.

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If you believe you have experienced a medication error due to medical negligence, make sure you get the right legal advice from experienced medical negligence solicitors. Our specialist medical negligence team have that experience.

Whilst it is always important to take legal advice as soon as you are able, you must do so within three years of first finding out about the problem – failing to do so can mean you miss out on your right to claim compensation entirely. However if you were at first unaware of anything being wrong, you still have three years to make a claim from the time you find out that there is a problem.

Being given the wrong medication can be distressing and, in some extreme cases, can even be fatal. Prompt action as soon as you are aware of the problem, though, could make all the difference when it comes to making a successful medication medical negligence claim.

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