Wimborne Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you live in Wimborne, you’re likely to have been treated at Wimborne Community Hospital, otherwise known as Victoria Hospital, at some point. If not, you’ve probably received treatment at one of the town’s GP practices or even at a dentist.

You’ll know, then, that the potential for things to go wrong is quite high, despite the fact that it’s thankfully rare.

Things do go wrong, though, and when a mistake is made in your medical treatment or there is an error in your diagnosis, great harm and trauma can be caused — both physically and psychologically. In this case, you may well have a case for clinical negligence against the medical professionals who treated you.

If you do live in Wimborne and have been unfortunate enough to have suffered from medical negligence, you will not be able to find accredited a specialist medical negligence solicitor in Wimborne to run your compensation claim – at least at the time of writing this blog entry.

Thankfully, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire-based solicitors Bonallack & Bishop have the trained specialist solicitors you need – and can make home or hospital visits to clients both in Wimborne, and throughout Dorset. Our team have helped injured patients throughout Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset win medical compensation worth many millions of pounds.


To get the best possible result in your medical negligence claim, appointing a genuinely specialist solicitor to run your case is so very important.

Your solicitor will need not only legal knowledge, but also a good understanding of complex medical concepts – how else will they make sense of your medical records and any x-ray or independent medical report about your condition. Non-specialist solicitors simply don’t have the skills in this most complex area of law.

The medical negligence solicitors here at Bonallack and Bishop have the experience you need to recover the compensation you deserve.


But how do you know whether or not your solicitor is a medical negligence expert. This is surprisingly straightforward, because there are two panels and one quality mark to look out for – which are excellent indicators of genuine professional expertise in medical negligence [or clinical negligence as it is also known]:

• The Law Society Clinical Negligence panel

• The Action against Medical Accidents solicitors panel [run by AvMA – the charity for patient safety and justice]

• The Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark for Clinical Negligence

Don’t just take our word about the importance of accredited, panel specialists. To quote from the website run by AvMA;

“Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA or the Law Society, and do not be confused by the term ‘personal injury’ lawyer. Clinical Negligence is a highly specialist field of its own.”


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o We offer ‘no win no fee agreements’ – so you don’t need to worry about having to pay your legal costs whether you win or lose your claim for compensation

o Our team cover the full range of medical negligence claims – and have particular experience of birth injury, hip replacement recall, spinal injury and fatal accident claims

o Our accident claim team only deal with medical negligence and personal injury claims – and we only act only for claimants

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Too many people miss out on their chance to win compensation following medical negligence because they leave it too late to make a claim – so don’t delay.

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Wincanton Medical Negligence Solicitors

People living in Wincanton are fortunate to have the highly rated Wincanton Community Hospital in their town. However, despite the hospital’s excellent reputation and level of care, sometimes standards do slip and mistakes are made. In any other walk of life, mistakes can often be worked around and a simple apology will do. In a medical setting, though, that’s not always the case.

If you’ve been affected by a medical professional incorrectly diagnosing or treating you at Wincanton Community Hospital [or at any of the other hospitals, clinics or GP surgeries covering the Wincanton area], the results can be extremely distressing. You could be caused serious injury or harm or even have your life threatened. As a result, you may well be entitled to claim compensation for medical negligence.


If you live in Wincanton, you are going to struggle to find the right medical negligence solicitor locally. Currently there are simply no accredited specialist medical negligence solicitors in Wincanton.

But Wessex based solicitors, Bonallack & Bishop, have the expertise you need in order to recover the full compensation payout you deserve – and our team have helped clients throughout Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset recover many millions of pounds in medical negligence compensation.


Don’t just take our word for it. To quote from their website of leading patient justice charity AvMA [ Action against Medical Accidents]

“Whenever choosing a solicitor in clinical negligence look for our quality mark. We can only recommend solicitors who we have accredited through our robust and independent system. Beware of solicitors who imply that they are specialists without accreditation by AvMA or the Law Society.”

Quite a few law firms do medical negligence work and some claim to be specialists – but, in reality, very few actually are. The difficulty of medical negligence work is often underestimated and the solicitors who specialise in it need skills spanning both medical negligence law and medical practice. Why? Because the evidence needed to support your claim will involve complex medical records, reports, medical terminology and may have to involve, for example, examination of your x-rays to construct a convincing argument on your behalf. Only specialist medical solicitors have these skills.


Claiming specialist knowledge means nothing unless you can prove your credentials. Our team’s expertise is proven by our quality mark and membership of both leading specialist legal panels.

o Out of 11,000 law firms in England and Wales, we are one of just 120 to be awarded the Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark for Clinical Negligence [another term for Medical Negligence]

o Furthermore there are just a couple of hundred solicitors nationwide to have been granted membership of either of the specialist medical negligence solicitors’ panels run by the Action against Medical Accidents and the Law Society itself. Our team includes members of both these panels.


o Call our team and get a FREE initial phone consultation.

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o Don’t worry about expensive legal fees – because we can handle your claim on a “no win no fee” basis – so whether you win or lose, you won’t have to pay legal fees

o Our team can visit you in hospital, or in the comfort of your own home in Wincanton or throughout Somerset if your injuries make it difficult for you to travel

o Our team’s experience covers the full range of medical negligence claims, from GP negligence and surgical errors, to birth injury and delayed diagnosis claims.


Join the hundreds of victims of medical negligence who have benefited from our expertise and experience of our medical negligence team. So to win the damages you deserve following a medical error:

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Newbury Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you’ve been the victim of medical negligence at the hands of a care professional, it can be extremely distressing and even leave you with life-changing injuries. Patients living in Newbury may have been treated locally at the West Berkshire Community Hospital or through another of the hospitals and units run by the Donnington Hospital Trust, and if they’ve received negligent treatment they could be entitled to compensation.

If you live in Newbury and you have suffered at the hands of a negligent medical professional, it’s really important that you get in touch with a specialist medical negligence solicitor if you are thinking of making a compensation claim.

However, unfortunately there are no specialist and accredited medical negligence solicitors currently in practice in Newbury itself. The good news is that the specialists at Bonallack & Bishop can help victims of medical negligence in Newbury.


We think so – and so do leading patient justice charity AvMA [ Action against Medical Accidents]. To quote from their website

” Clinical negligence is a highly complex and specialist area of law. It requires medical as well as legal knowledge…..In our opinion, specialist solicitors are much more likely to make an informed assessment of the chances of success in claiming compensation for clinical negligence……. Unfortunately many claimants have been badly let down by solicitors taking on clinical negligence cases which they are not competent to handle.”

Solicitors conducting medical negligence claims need to have knowledge of both law and medicine. Non-specialist solicitors often lack the required expertise and as a result their clients could lose out.


‘How will I know whether or not a solicitor specialises in medical negligence?’ you may ask. It is actually quite simple.

Specialist solicitors should hold either the LSC Specialist Quality Mark for Clinical Negligence or be members of either of the leading medical negligence solicitors panels run by AvMA and the Law Society.

Not only do we have members of both these panels, but we are one of just 120 law firms nationwide [out of almost 11,000] to have gained that Quality Mark.

You will not find any solicitors in Newbury with any of these medical negligence accreditations.


• We can run your claim on a no win no fee basis – so you don’t have to worry about paying legal fees – even if you lose.

• We can visit clients in hospital or at home if they are unable to travel – in Newbury, and throughout Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

• We offer a FREE first phone consultation

• Your first appointment is also FREE


Medical negligence claims are subject to strict time limits so don’t delay making your compensation claim – or you could lose out on the right to claim the compensation to which are entitled.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of No Win, No Fee Solicitors

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that accidents and injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Over three million people are injured in accidents every year in the UK, and many of these will involve situations where someone else caused the accident. If the person who has been injured has incurred financial loss or an injury (whether physical or psychological) because of the way other people have behaved, then there may well be grounds for a compensation claim. We’ve all seen the television adverts promoting the services of no win no fee solicitors and encouraging us to make a claim if we have been involved in these sorts of accidents. Before going ahead though it’s important to understand what no win no fee is, and whether it is the best way of taking forward a compensation claim.

No win no fee arrangements

Officially called conditional fee arrangements, these are legal contracts which say that if your solicitor does not win your compensation case, then you don’t have to pay legal fees. This means that the solicitor does not get any payment for the work they have done on the case if they do not win it. No win no fee agreements were first introduced in 1995 as a way of helping people afford the costs of making a claim for compensation. In effect, they were introduced at the same time as the government withdrew legal aid from the vast majority of personal injury compensation claims. Although we’re all aware of no win no fee agreements these days, they are a relatively new development in the legal world and prior to 1995 it was actually against the law for a legal professional to agree to represent a client on this basis.

If the solicitor wins the case and you are paid compensation, they also have the right to charge a success fee as they are taking a risk in taking on your case. Changes to the law recently mean that the success fee is not taken out of the compensation sum which you are awarded, and can be up to 25% of the total sum.

Conditional fee or no win no fee agreements are used for many different types of medical negligence as well as accident and personal injury claims, as long as the person concerned has suffered a financial loss or injury because of the actions or behaviour of other people. This covers accidents whether at work or while driving, industrial diseases and professional or medical negligence claims.

No Win No Fee – Advantages

No win no fee agreements are a very good way of reducing the risks associated with making a claim for medical negligence compensation. It also means that anyone, whatever their financial situation, can get access to justice. No win no fee agreements have helped open up legal services and make them feel more accessible, and the public regard these agreements as more informal.

The general consensus seems to be that most people feel that by using a no win no fee agreement they can go ahead and make a claim for compensation without the concern that if they lose they may have to pay expensive legal fees. It means that clients are protected from having to pay large sums in legal fees whether they win or lose their claim. If a case is lost the client does not have to pay any fees at all, and a case which is won means that instead of having to pay fixed fees or an hourly rate, a success fee is paid. Claims often go through more quickly using a no win no fee agreement as clients do not have to find any money up front – in the past this used to delay the claims process considerably as clients would have to get the money for legal fees together before embarking on the compensation process. An important part of any no win no fee agreement is the “after the event insurance” or ATE, which is a policy which is taken out to protect clients when a case is lost, meaning they are never out of pocket.

No Win No Fee – Disadvantages

Although there are many benefits of taking out a no win no fee agreement, it’s worth thinking about the other side of the coin too. Although no win no fee agreements reduce the risk involved of making a claim, the success fee which can be charged can mean that a large slice of the compensation awarded goes to the solicitor rather than their client. A change to the law in 2013 means that claims firms and solicitors are not allowed to say that 100% of the compensation awarded goes to the customer, even if their own fees and expenses are paid by the other side. If a claim is unsuccessful, in some circumstances the client might have to pay some expenses incurred by the solicitor working on the case, although it is likely that these costs will be covered by ATE insurance.

Considering both the advantages and disadvantages of the picture, you can see that there are clear benefits when using no win no fee agreements to make your compensation claim. It is true that people whose claim is successful face having to pay a success of up to 25% to their solicitor, but just because the percentage is capped at 25% doesn’t mean that all solicitors will take such a high percentage. Although 25% of the compensation might sound like a lot, it has to be balanced against the 75% or more of the compensation which will be awarded, and which the client wouldn’t have if they didn’t make their compensation claim at all. Given both the reduced level of risk and cost, no win no fee is a practical and efficient way of making justice available to all, especially to those who would not have been able to start the claims process in the first place without a no win no fee arrangement to cover the costs.

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2013 Changes to No Win No Fee Agreements

“No win, no fee” is one of those phrases which all of us hear on an almost daily basis. These sorts of agreements, informally known as” no win no fee” but officially called Conditional Fee Arrangements (or CFA), were introduced as a way to enable people who could not afford to pay legal fees up front to pursue a claim for compensation. When conditional fees were first introduced in 1995, they were seen as a way to allow everyone access to justice, irrespective of their financial situation.

Solicitors offer conditional fee arrangements for a number of different areas of accident and injury which may result in a compensation claims such as road traffic accidents, criminal injury, professional and in particular medical negligence and work-related accidents including industrial disease. A claim can only be made when the individual has suffered either an injury or some sort of financial loss as a result of the action of someone else, and through no fault of their own. No win no fee agreements do exactly as the name suggests: if the solicitor or legal firm you have chosen to represent you doesn’t win your case, you don’t have to pay them anything. This basic concept of the agreement has not changed since the system was introduced in 1995, but over the years since 1995 the system has been tweaked in several different ways.

In 1995 when no win no fee claims were first introduced, a solicitor who failed to win the case was paid nothing at all. If they won though, the solicitor would take a percentage of whatever compensation was awarded as their fee. In 1999 this was changed in the Access to Justice Act, which stated that the solicitors’ fees should be paid by whichever side lost. This meant that if you agreed a no win no fee agreement with your solicitor, you would still have to pay their costs if you lost. Normally, this was covered by a special insurance policy which covered the risk of the claim not being successful.

No win no fee – the latest changes

Most recently, in April 2014, there were more changes made regarding who pays the costs when a case is successful or unsuccessful. The changes mean that solicitors now have the right to charge a “success fee” if they win a claim, in return for the risk that they carry of not being paid if the case is unsuccessful. The solicitor’s success fee is taken as a percentage of the compensation which is awarded to their client, but is capped at 25% and is paid by the person who makes the compensation claim successfully and wins. This means that solicitors can still advertise “no win no fee”, but will no longer be able to say that their clients will get 100% of any compensation they are awarded. If you lose your claim, no compensation will be due to you, but an “after the event” insurance policy will mean that will not have to pay any legal fees either.

This is all quite complicated, so if you feel you need more in-depth or advice or guidance about the no win, no fee process and the changes which affect how it works, get in touch with one of our compensation claims team who will explain to you in simple terms how this method of charging could help you claim the compensation you deserve. They will be able to give you specific advice on how the changes affect your particular case, and will be able to tell you what the consequences would be for you in the event of winning or losing.

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if you’ve been the victim of a medical error, it’s really important that don’t delay claiming compensation – because you could risk losing your right to claim compensation entirely.

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“No win, no fee” agreements still available for medical negligence claims

You may have read about the supposed death of “no win, no fee” agreements in the media in recent weeks following the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LAPSO) on the 1st of April. However, despite changes to such agreements they will continue to be a good funding option for claimants looking to make medical negligence compensation claims.

“No win, no fee” arrangements which are often referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) have traditionally meant that claimants pay nothing if they lose their claim and have the legal fees associated with victory paid for by the other side.

However, this has changes as a result of LAPSO. Instead of the defendant covering the “success fee” the claimant will not be forced to use up to a quarter of their damages to cover this expense. This is a controversial change because it has traditionally been convention that claimants should be compensated in full for their injuries. Claimants will now have to spend some of the compensation money recovered on legal expenses when they are needed for medical assistance and transport costs for example.

“No win, no fee” agreements available from our medical negligence team

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim, you may be concerned about how you are going to fund it. Our expert medical negligence solicitors can talk you through CFAs and other funding arrangements and have the experience required to run you claim successfully.

To reach our team, dial 01722 422300, or

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Hungerford Medical Negligence Solicitors

Do you live in Hungerford and have you been the victim of medical negligence? If you have, and you are thinking of making a claim for medical compensation, you really do need to instruct a solicitor who specialises in this particular complex area of law.


Medical negligence solicitors more than just a firm grasp of personal injury law. They must have good understanding of medical concepts as well, not to mention the ability to understand and pick out relevant information from the many hundred of pages of medical notes and documents which may well be required in your case. That’s why it’s so important that you instruct a specialist solicitor.


Well, for a start we are one of just 120 law firms nationwide [out of a total of around 11,000 law firms] to have been awarded the Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark for Medical Negligence.

The best way of making sure that the medical negligence solicitor you instruct is a genuine specialist, is to look for membership of the two main medical negligence panels for solicitors – run by the law society and patient justice charity AvMA [action against medical accidents]. Unfortunately, currently none of the solicitors in Hungerford are members of either the specialist panels.

However here at Bonallack & Bishop, our medical negligence team includes members of both of these panels – so when instructing us, you know you’ve found real experts.


  • To begin with, we offer FREE initial telephone advice and a FREE first face-to-face meeting
  • We run claims on a NO WIN NO FEE basis – so whether or not you win or lose your case, you won’t have to worry about paying legal bills – and you can focus on your physical recovery
  • Furthermore, if your injuries prevent you from coming in to our offices to see us, our team can make HOME or HOSPITAL VISITS


Medical negligence claims must be made within 3 years of the incident occurring so it is crucial that you get in touch with our medical negligence experts as soon as possible.

For specialist legal advice you can trust – get in touch using the enquiry form below, or call us on 01722 422300

Thinking of making a medical negligence claim? Make sure you do so by April 1

With effect from April 1, the government is changing the way that compensation claims are paid. In effect these changes mean that it is increasingly unlikely that you will be able to make a accident or medical negligence claim to keep 100% of your compensation – even under a no win no fee scheme.

This is a dramatic change – and our advice is simple. If you’re thinking of making a personal injury or medical negligence compensation claim, don’t delay – get in touch with us today so we can explain your legal rights and, if appropriate, safeguard your position.

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NHS medical negligence claims – rise expected

The number of NHS Medical Negligence Claims is likely to rise in the next year – at least that’s what the new boss of the NHS Litigation Authority says.

In advance of the government plans to reform the funding of personal injury and medical negligence compensation claims next April, Catherine Dixon, the NHS Litigation Authority Chief Executive, expects a short-term rise in the number of claims made – up from 9,143 –last year’s all-time record number of NHS negligence claims.

The theory appears to be that there will be more activity to get potential claimants to sign no win no fee agreements prior to April and therefore there will be a temporary bulge in the number of claims made,. This comes on the back of a record year for NHS claims – when for the first time in the 16 year history of the NHS Litigation Authority, compensation payouts for NHS medical mistakes exceeded £1bn.

Ms Dixon seemed optimistic about the latest figures – on the basis that the number of compensation claims which were actually settled or closed increased last year by 13% to 14,171, whilst the average length of time it took the claim to be resolved dropped by 25% to just over 42 months.

Speaking to the Law Society Gazette, the NHS Litigation Authority Chief Executive denied that the authority was unrealistic in trying to fight far many valid claims for medical negligence compensation. However she admitted that it was about time that the authority improve its level of communication with NHS trusts – in particular to make sure that they learnt lessons from past errors and improve the sharing of information.

Medical negligence removed from the scope of legal aid

Following many months of Parliamentary scrutiny and media coverage, yesterday finally saw the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act 2012 receiving Royal assent. This means that the new act will become effective from April 1, 2013.

The Act includes a fundamental root and branch overhaul of the whole legal aid [or public funding as it is technically known these days] system. In effect, huge swathes of work are being removed from the scope of legal aid – all the way from medical negligence compensation to divorce.

The new Act is going to have a particularly dramatic effect on medical negligence. With the sole exception of certain strictly defined types of birth injury claim, medical negligence is, at a stroke, removed from the scope of public funding. What is this mean? In a nutshell, it seems likely that anyone wishing to make a medical negligence claim will have to either instruct a solicitor on a no win no fee basis, pay privately for their case or hope for the legal fees to be paid under any insurance cover they may have. The timing is particularly awkward given that medical negligence solicitors are themselves expecting huge change to the way no win no fee work.

An earlier government introduced no win no fee claims when they removed most personal injury claims from the scope of legal aid some years ago – leaving medical negligence within the scope of public funding at that stage. Personal injury solicitors therefore take on cases entirely at their own risk – but to make up for the risk of claims failing and those solicitors receiving no payment for the work [even though they may have had to pay for the costs of disbursements such as medical reports and access to medical records out of their own pockets], they were permitted to reclaim what is referred to as an additional “success fee” along with the cost of any of the event insurance. It seems likely that neither the success fee nor ATE insurance will be recoverable in future. In the absence of legal aid this means that medical negligence solicitors will probably stop taking most relatively low value medical claims and in addition will not take on risky claims – only running cases that seem somewhat close to 100 % certain to succeed. Many claims, that might be successful but which at the outset might either be uncertain or slightly risky will therefore never be run.

Many thousands of victims of medical negligence will not be entitled to the compensation they deserve. I appreciate these are times of austerity, but this doesn’t sound like justice to me.