Undiagnosed Fractures and Claiming Medical Negligence Compensation

If you have suffered a fracture which was not diagnosed or treated properly, and you go on to suffer complications at a later date, then you may have grounds for a medical negligence compensation claim.

How Fractures are Diagnosed

When a patient sees a doctor because they think they may have broken a bone, the first step should be to send them for an x-ray to confirm whether or not the bone is broken. A radiographer is the person whose job it is to take the x-rays and then look at the results. Fractures are not unusual injuries, and a competent radiographer should easily be able to spot a broken bone on an x-ray.

If a fracture is noticed on the x-ray, the doctor must then decide on the most appropriate form of treatment. In many cases, this treatment will involve putting a plaster cast on the fractured bone to allow it to heal. Plaster casts are not suitable for all fractures and may not be needed in all cases. For very serious breaks, an operation may be needed.

Missing a Fracture Diagnosis

There are unfortunately times when the diagnosis of a fracture is missed. This might be because a medical professional looks at a patient, decides that nothing is broken and never sends them to have an x-ray. In other cases, the doctor may send the patient for an x-ray, but the radiographer does not spot the broken bone while looking at the x-ray picture.

Not Treating a Fracture

Sometimes there are cases where doctors deliberately do not treat a broken bone, when a plaster cast or surgery would have been the most appropriate course of action. These sorts of medical mistakes can lead to bones healing in a twisted, deformed or bent manner.

Medical Negligence Compensation and Missed Fractures

If you have suffered a broken bone which was not diagnosed or which was wrongly treated, you might be able to claim compensation. Compensation may be due if clinical errors have caused you potentially avoidable problems such as the malunion of a bone [when bones have healed but  are not lined up properly causing a twisting or shortening of the bone] or the need for further surgery and the re-breaking of the bone, which could have potentially have been avoided with better medical care.

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