12,000 die needlessly in UK hospitals each year say researchers

Every year, close to 12,000 patients die NHS hospitals unnecessarily according to medical research.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine conducted research into preventable deaths in NHS hospitals finding that the mistakes made by clinical professionals were to blame for the needless fatalities.

10 hospitals across the country were investigated as part of the study with statistics being compiled on the causes of death and the medical attention received. Researchers found that 13% of deaths across the 10 hospitals could have been prevented which equates to nearly 12,000 deaths if applied throughout UK hospitals.

In most cases diagnosis errors were to blame but the statistics perhaps reveal a more deep rooted problem related to NHS staffing. Junior doctors were found to be left to make crucial decisions by themselves in the absence of more senior doctors and consultants who did not work in the evenings and on weekends.

At times, mistakes were also as simple as doctors failing to thoroughly assess patient medical records leading them to overlook vital pieces of information when it came to diagnosing conditions. In many cases, such negligence led medical professionals to prescribe the wrong drugs causing fatal side effects.

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