The oldest ever winner of a UK medical negligence compensation claim

You are never too old to win the compensation you deserve as demonstrated by the £35,000 payout won by a great-great grandmother in Kent recently. 102 year old Lydia Eaton recovered the compensation following the conclusion of a High Court medical negligence claim against the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent. The court decided that there was sufficient evidence to prove that Mrs Eaton’s loss of mobility was due to being negligently discharged within hours of appearing at the hospital’s A and E department with a serious injury.

Whilst at home aged 97, Mrs Eaton fell and fractured her pelvis. Despite being quickly taken to hospital, Mrs Eaton’s injuries were not deemed serious enough to stay and after just eight hours she was discharged from hospital. The High Court recognised that this was too early and that had it not been for the medical negligence, Mrs Eaton might still be active and mobile. Instead, Mrs Eaton is sadly now immobile and had to be moved to a specialist care home because she could not longer live in her own property.

Thankfully justice has been done and Mrs Eaton and her family will be able to afford the specialist care that she now requires. Nevertheless this is a stark reminder of the tragic consequences of medical negligence.

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