The Important Work of Action Against Medical Accidents

Medical negligence sadly affects thousands of people throughout the UK each year. Although many of these victims want to get legal advice to help them get compensation this can be a daunting and expensive prospect, especially if you have suffered loss of earnings or have found that your health has been damaged by a negligent medical mistake.

Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) is a UK based charity which was set up to offer confidential and free advice to anyone who may be a victim of medical negligence. They help support people at a time when they often feel isolated, hopeless, and overwhelmed. As well as support and advice, the charity can refer people on to approved, specialist medical negligence solicitors if they feel there may be chances of compensation. AvMA as an organization works to the highest standards and embraces ethical practices on inclusion and equality.

AvMA came into being in 1982, and was originally called Action for the Victims of Medical Accidents. The charity was set up in response to public outcry after a television play called “Minor Complications” was broadcast. The play followed the real life story of one woman trying to get justice after a serious case of medical negligence. The charity was founded by the playwright, Peter Ransley, and changed its name to Action against Medical Accidents in 2003. The charity’s first chief executive, Arnold Simanowitz, was awarded the OBE in recognition of the charity’s groundbreaking work with those affected by medical accidents and medical negligence.

AvMA continues to work today with anyone who has been affected by a medical error.

The charity works in close partnership with its select panel of  highly specialist medical negligence solicitors who try to get the victims the compensation they are entitled to by working with the court system.

Over the years, AvMA has supported more than 100,000 people, and has also been instrumental in changing the entire way the UK’s legal system deals with claims for clinical negligence compensation. This pressure has put clinical negligence and patient safety right at the top of the NHS agenda and has highlighted cases of people who have been affected by medical negligence.

The charity also works very closely with the World Health Organisation World Alliance for Patient Safety and the European Commission to try to improve awareness of patient safety both in Europe and further afield through a project called SIMPATIE (Safety Improvement for Patients in Europe). There is lots more information about AvMA on their website, and you can also make a donation to the charity to enable them to make a difference to the lives of many more individuals and families who have been affected by medical accidents and negligence in the NHS and private sector.

Without the work of organisations such as AvMA, many victims of medical negligence may not have been able to fight for the compensation they are entitled to, leaving them resigned to a life of distress and pain. They deserve your support.

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