I have recently become a victim of a superbug. Am I eligible to make a claim?

Being struck down with an illness is one thing but if you’ve recently fallen victim to a superbug such as MRSA it can be an unpleasant experience. Perhaps you were visiting a loved one who was ill in hospital and you accidentally picked up a superbug this way. If you caught a superbug in a hospital then you may be eligible to make a superbug claim.

The issue can be contentious as it has to be determined where you actually picked the bug up from, i.e. from a doctor, nurse or in surgery. This makes it difficult to qualify as the issue of negligence then has to be applied. If it can be proven that hospital staff acted in a negligent way both in how a patient was treated as well as afterwards, then it may be possible to get claim medical negligence compensation.

MRSA can cause skin infections and can be hard to recover from as it becomes antibiotic resistant. Recovery from this superbug can be difficult and many people can be left with scarring or even permanent disabilities. It’s estimated that around 1000 people die every year due to MSRA infections.

Bearing all of this information in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people seek compensation for infections caused by superbugs. It’s the responsibility of hospital staff to adhere to all hygiene measures and ensure they are of the strictest standards. Washing hands is important to preventing bacteria from spreading and isolating infected patients should be a core priority to prevent MSRA or any other kind of superbug from spreading.

If you believe that none of these measures were adhered to, you could be eligible to make a superbug claim. If you believe you’re eligible for compensation, please call our medical negligence claims team on 01722 422 300 for free advice.

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