Failure to Diagnose Skin Cancer Leads to Surge in Medical Negligence Claims

The Medical Protection Society has just released figures which reveal an alarming number of medical negligence claims being brought against GPs who are diagnosing skin cancer too late or not at all. Resultantly, GPs are being warned to be more vigilant in their “diagnosis, documentation and referral” of patients with potentially cancerous symptoms.

Nearly 250 incidents of negligent skin cancer diagnosis were reported between 2001 and 2011 of which roughly a quarter led to compensation claims. All of these cases related to melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer and in all but 6% of the compensation claims; it was GPs who were targeted.

What is particularly concerning for the MPS is that the malignant melanoma need not be life threatening. If caught early enough, most cases can be treated by removing the cancer surgically. Unfortunately though, if it goes unnoticed, it can spread dangerously to other parts of the body, which can be fatal.

Sin cancer is the fifth most common caner in Britain which is why GPs must improve and diagnose it earlier. 2750 sufferers died from skin cancer in 2011 of which over 80% were afflicted by melanoma.

The MPS which compensates the medical profession for losses or damages has released the figures not only to encourage higher standards from GPs but also to warn the public about the dangers of skin cancer. As we approach the Christmas period, many people either head overseas for holidays or make use of the UK’s many tanning salons without considering the possible dangers.

Doctors are being asked to be more thorough in their note-taking and to analyse test results more carefully in order to keep skin cancer deaths and indeed compensation payouts to a minimum.

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