Denise wins AVMA specialist solicitors panel re-accreditation

Here at Bonallack and Bishop, we are really proud to announce that the head of our Salisbury based medical negligence team, Denise Broomfield, has just received confirmation of her re-accreditation by the specialist medical negligence solicitors panel run by AvMA. Action against Victims of Medical Accidents is the national charity which represents the interests of people who have had an accident in a medical or clinical setting. AvMA provides advice to people who have had medical accidents and campaigns for the rights of those injured or their families. National campaigns run by the organisation in recent years include the introduction of a Duty of Candor (Robbie’s Law) and assisting with the Staffordshire Hospital enquiry.

As well as campaigning, AvMA also has a process of accreditation for solicitors who specialise in this work. Our membership is highly restricted and involves a really rigourous and strict process for selecting only the most specialist medical negligence solicitors. The facts speak for themselves. Currently in England and Wales, there are well over 100,000 qualified solicitors. Yet, just 180 of those are, like Denise, members of both the AvMA Specialist Solicitors Panel and the Clinical Negligence Panel run by the Law Society – the governing body for solicitors in England and Wales.

Solicitors who are on the panel are chosen because they have a high level of expertise in the field of clinical negligence and because they are known to be sympathetic to the emotional needs of people who feel they have been let down by one professional person who then have to immediately trust another to represent them.

As you will have gathered if you have read some of the other blogs on this site, we are big fans of AvMA and the excellent work they do. In fact, until the national press suddenly decided to pay attention, at long las,t to an ongoing series of scandals in the NHS, it looked like for many years that the only people who were taking the very real problems of medical negligence in the NHS seriously, were medical negligence solicitors and AvMA.

Denise has been a member of the AvMA panel since 1996 when she was, for a time, the youngest solicitor in the country on the panel.

As well as dealing with claims for compensation Denise also represents the families of those injured at Inquests. She has also helped injured persons or their families with applications to the doctors’ disciplinary body, the General Medical Council.

Well done, Denise.

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