Orthopaedic medical procedures and negligence claims

The branch of medicine known as orthopaedics is quite wide-ranging, covering all procedures and diagnoses related to bones, joints and ligaments. As orthopaedics covers quite a range of different things, the number of incidents of medical negligence linked to this branch of medicine can seem to be quite high. There are a number of reasons as to why someone might think that they’ve suffered medical negligence at the hands of an orthopaedic surgeon or doctor.

We all know how overstretched accident and emergency departments are, and when we have to attend hospital for an x-ray it’s often clear to see the pressure that everybody working there is under. However, that’s no excuse for blatant negligence or poor practice. A small fracture, for example, might be missed by a surgeon or doctor looking at an x-ray, but that small fracture could cause huge problems for the patient following the missed diagnosis. In cases such as these, negligence could quite possible be claimed. Perhaps x-rays were never done or the wrong part of the body was x-rayed — these might all sound implausible, but they do happen with alarming regularity.

Common Types of Orthopaedic Medical Negligence

When it comes to orthopaedic surgery, a whole number of new risks abound. Medical negligence solicitors see a variety of cases including the following ;

  •      where the wrong parts were used in hip replacements or the new parts were fitted incorrectly
  •      where ligament grafts were placed incorrectly or
  •      where broken bones were improperly re-seated, causing huge amounts of pain and long-term suffering for the patient.

Bones, ligaments and joints are complicated parts of the human body but an experienced orthopaedic surgeon should not be making mistakes or errors which could be considered to be signs of negligence.

Don’t delay your medical negligence claim

If you feel that you may have suffered from negligence at the hands of an orthopaedic surgeon or doctor, or you have had fractures or breaks misdiagnosed from x-rays (or even x-rays that were never offered or taken), then you may well have a claim for medical negligence against the surgeon or doctor involved. As with many medical negligence issues, there is a time frame within which you must initiate your claim for it to be considered, else it will be too late. It is for that reason that you need to act quickly and speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor as quickly as possible.

Orthopaedic medical negligence claims – how we can help

As your first port of call, we will be able to look at all of the particulars of your case and assess whether or not you might have a claim for medical negligence against your doctor or surgeon. If we ascertain that you do, we will be able to advise you on the next steps to take in order to seek financial compensation for the suffering you’ve had to deal with. You shouldn’t need to just accept medical negligence as ‘bad luck’ but instead see that by seeking justice you will be able to help ensure that no-one else need go through the same experience as you in the future.

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