Increasing numbers of vulnerable patients falling victim to medical negligence

A growing number of patients are being injured or even dying in UK care and nursing homes. Medical negligence is often to blame but because many of those affected are elderly or have learning difficulties, compensation claims are often not made.

Here are some examples of the things that people have filed medical negligence compensation claims for in the past.

• Dehydration/undernourishment: there is no excuse for a patient to go without enough food or water. It can take time to feed an elderly patient who struggles to eat their food, however it is crucial that untouched meals are not simply collected. Monitoring weight and appetite is crucial

• Falls/trips: it is easy for elderly patients to lose their balance or trip if there are hazards present. Drowsiness from medication, dementia and pre-existing can all play a part and it is therefore of paramount importance that all risks are assessed vigilantly.

• Anti-psychotics: dementia sufferers can be noisy and agitated due to their condition however anti-psychotics are not always necessary. Unfortunately, some medical professionals recourse to anti-psychotics too quickly and this can prove grounds for compensation claims

• Pressure sores: leaving patients in the same position or in sodden clothes for so long that they develop pressure sores is simply unacceptable except for in very exceptional circumstances.

• Physical harm: if a member of staff physically harms a patient y restraining them forcefully and unnecessarily for example a claim could be made

• Infection: too many patients in the UK become infected with things such as MRSA because members of staff breached Infection Control policies. The existence of such policies mean that patients should not become infected

If a loved one has been affected in any of the ways listed above, you should approach a medical negligence claims solicitor about claiming compensation on their behalf. They may be entitled to damages and it is important that they are compensated and that the malpractice at the nursing or care home in question is brought to people’s attention.

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