“No win, no fee” agreements still available for medical negligence claims

You may have read about the supposed death of “no win, no fee” agreements in the media in recent weeks following the introduction of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LAPSO) on the 1st of April. However, despite changes to such agreements they will continue to be a good funding option for claimants looking to make medical negligence compensation claims.

“No win, no fee” arrangements which are often referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) have traditionally meant that claimants pay nothing if they lose their claim and have the legal fees associated with victory paid for by the other side.

However, this has changes as a result of LAPSO. Instead of the defendant covering the “success fee” the claimant will not be forced to use up to a quarter of their damages to cover this expense. This is a controversial change because it has traditionally been convention that claimants should be compensated in full for their injuries. Claimants will now have to spend some of the compensation money recovered on legal expenses when they are needed for medical assistance and transport costs for example.

“No win, no fee” agreements available from our medical negligence team

If you are considering making a medical negligence claim, you may be concerned about how you are going to fund it. Our expert medical negligence solicitors can talk you through CFAs and other funding arrangements and have the experience required to run you claim successfully.

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