NHS forks out £300m for the worst hospitals

Official reports based on the previous 5 years reveal that the NHS have had to pay roughly £300m in clinicical negligence compensation for hospitals hit with the patient care scandal.

Official warnings have been issued to a number of trusts, which have been under investigation because of high death rates due to their high claim costs, by the NHS Litigation Authority (the organisation that manages claims lodged against the NHS.) The central NHS insurance scheme is having to pay nearly two times the premium these hospitals pay in. Top-rated hospitals are now faced with paying the deficit for thousands of negligence claim cases.

In 2013, official statistics state that 9 of the 14 hospitals under review due to a large number of deaths have requested substantially more money than they contributed to the insurance scheme. All together, the NHS paid out over £1.3bn in legal fees and compensation for thousands of people who were the victims of inadequate care in 2013.

This amount is expected to increase with the total claim figures forecast to be approximately 12,000 by year end. Judging on previous history and volume of clinical negligence claims, these hospitals needed more than £291m to pay for claims, and yet during the period 2008-2009 and 20012-2013, they paid only £203m into the insurance scheme .

For instance, 2 hospitals that have needed vastly more funds than they contributed are Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Greater Manchester, and Colchester Hospital University Trust. Both have paid £18m into the NHS insurance scheme. However, Colchester Hospital University Trust, currently being investigated for alleged cancer waiting list manipulation, requested £30m to pay out in damages. Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have the greatest shortage, requiring £44m.

After Tameside hospital, the largest shortages came from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospitals, and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. Other trusts requiring significantly more money than paid in are George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire, Dudley Group of Hospitals, and East Lancashire Hospitals. Compare this to the ten trusts who are at the top of the table when it comes to low claims. They needed only £311 million altogether to cover medical claims, but paid in £500 million.

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