Necrotising fasciitis compensation claims

Given that necrotising fasciitis is sometimes referred to as “flesh eating disease”, it is perhaps unsurprising that the condition is particularly unpleasant. Anyone can be affected by the bacterial infection but it is most commonly a problem for patients who have had operation. If undetected or left to spread without treatment, it can lead to horrendous injuries.

In most cases, the bacteria responsible for necrotising fasciitis come in to the body via cuts and lesions in the skin. These cuts could be so small that the victim doesn’t even notice them or could be very large incisions made by a surgeon. The rate at which the bacteria multiply is truly frightening and in doing so, a harmful toxin which gradually degrades body tissue and can kill large areas of skill cells for example. This multiplication will rage on and as a result the affected areas will grow and worsen causing enormous pain and suffering to the unfortunate victim.

Necrotising fasciitis – the need for prompt medical action

With the symptoms of necrotising fasciitis being so horrible, medical professionals need to be aware of the first signs that someone may have become infected with the disease and take a swab from the cut that is causing the patient so much pain. This must then be sent to a laboratory for testing where the infection should quickly be detected. Following confirmation, antibiotics should be prescribed and any preventative surgical procedures should be carried out immediately.

Medical professionals who fail to take such action can be said to have been negligent. Indeed, patients will placed in great danger as a result of such negligence. As the infection spreads the pain will worsen and the areas affected will eventually have to be removed. If you have been so unfortunate to suffer from negligence of this king you should contact a solicitor about making a medical negligence claim.

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