Military Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Compensation Claims

As the name suggests, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the name given to a condition which comes about after an event which is very traumatic. In the sense of the military, this usually means being involved in war, other types of combat, or seeing events such as death or severe injury. These sorts of events can have a devastating effect on mental health. Over time, most people who have come through this sort of trauma can get back to normal with the help of therapy, but others suffer permanent effects which even get worse over time.

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD? 

No two sufferers of PTSD will experience exactly the same symptoms, but the main ones include sleeping problems, flashbacks, nightmares and feeling emotionally numb. Many people suffering from PTSD can also go on to develop depression, or can start to abuse alcohol or drugs, then suffer the physical consequences. Symptoms can vary dramatically in intensity over time too. PTSD has the potential to affect every aspect of the sufferer’s life, and can cause him or her permanent damage. As many as 30% of people who go through a traumatic event go on to develop PTSD, and there are millions affected, all over the country. Sadly, people who have served in the Armed Forces are more likely to be affected than most.

Serving members of the military returning home after active service in Afghanistan or Iraq will have witnessed horrific scenes which they just cannot put out of their minds. Many of these veterans have gone on to develop PTSD and it is alarming that in so many cases the military have failed to notice. This can cause huge problems when people are sent back out on active service without receiving the correct treatments.

Claiming Compensation for Military PTSD 

There’s no need to suffer alone if you have been affected by PTSD. If we can help you prove that your PTSD has been caused by something which happened in the military, you could have grounds to make a claim against the MoD. Bear in mind though that although your job won’t be put at risk by pursuing a claim against the Ministry of Defence, it can be a daunting process given that the MoD has a reputation for dragging out compensation cases as long as they can and putting up lots of legal barriers before paying out. Working with a specialist lawyer who has experience of making claims for compensation after military PTSD means that your case will be dealt with as sympathetically and quickly as possible.

Winning a PTSD compensation claim can have life changing benefits, especially given the alternative of going on with a life hampered by severe depression, stress and the related physical symptoms.

If you have suffered from trauma as a result of serving in the UK Armed Forces, then you may have grounds for making a military medical negligence claim against the Ministry of Defence.

Start the process off by speaking to one of our specialist lawyers with experience in dealing with military medical claims. This will ensure that your case is dealt with professionally and efficiently, and that you will receive the medical compensation which you are entitled to.

Military PTSD – how our team can help

With 3 offices all on the edge of Salisbury Plain, we have decades of dealing with the military – both locally, nationally and abroad. All of our lawyers regularly deal with the military – and our medical negligence team is not only highly experienced, but we are regularly deal with the MoD, who are sadly, when it comes to medical negligence claims, usually even less cooperative than the NHS.

Becoming a victim of PTSD when serving your country is tragic. Its consequences are, for many of us, simply unimaginable. However claiming the financial compensation you deserve can make a difference – both in providing you with financial help, and in putting more pressure on the MoD to be far more careful when dealing with serving members of U.K.’s Armed Forces who could become victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Claiming compensation using no win no fee

Whether or not your PTSD means you’re still able to work, you won’t need to worry about paying your legal bills if you instruct us under a no win no fee agreement. No win no fee does what it says – if you lose your case there’s nothing to pay, so you don’t need to worry about paying a big legal bill.

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