Medical Negligence Claims against Opticians

Many British people aren’t keen on seeking medical attention. The thought of having to visit a hospital or GP can strike terror into the hearts of many a man, and the sound of a dentist’s drill can be enough to put many people off a regular dental check-up. Opticians, though, tend to be seen in a rather more benevolent light, with the optician’s role being far less invasive than that of the dentist, surgeon or GP. It is for this reason that the level of trust in opticians is so high, and not many people would ever expect that it would be possible for an optician to be negligent.

However, in any case where a medical professional fails to provide you with the level of care and treatment which would be generally expected, it may be that a claim for medical negligence could be brought. In the case of an optician, negligent care could result in damaged eyesight and life-changing effects which could affect your social life, working life and even leave you permanently blind.

Opticians and two types of medical negligence

In terms of medical mistakes caused by opticians, there are, broadly speaking, two aspects of negligence. The most common type of negligence by opticians is that involved in examination, largely consisting of a missed diagnosis and the failure to spot a condition which then progressively grows worse. Even the prescription of the wrong lenses can cause undue problems and damage your eyesight. Other than examination and diagnosis, negligence can also occur through treatment, for example through laser eye surgery.

Laser eye surgery is a remarkably precise procedure, with great care required when bright lasers are used in the area of the extraordinarily delicate eye. With cataract surgery, also, problems can occur which can have a lasting impact on the patient and cause them undue distress and health issues which can impact on their work and social lives. With the recent growth in the popularity of laser eye surgery, the regularity of problems arising from the procedure is also on the rise, meaning that many people are now opting to pursue clinical negligence claims against opticians in order that they can seek the recompense they deserve after experiencing a medical error.

Victim of optician negligence – don’t delay getting the right legal advice

If you have received treatment from an optician which you think may have been negligent, and you have suffered an injury. Your eyes as a result, you should take sure that you speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor as soon as you can. Time factors are vital, and many aspects of claiming compensation for this kind of negligence have strict time frames, so you will need to act quickly.

What’s more, medical negligence claims are complex and require great care, so starting the process early is vital. By speaking to a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence claims, and is an accredited member of one of the two leading medical negligence panels run by the law society and patient victim justice charity AvMA, you can rest assured that your case is being dealt with in the most professional and swift way possible, allowing you one less worry in your life. Should it appear that a claim for medical negligence is possible, you will then be advised as to the best way to move forward and seek the compensation you deserve and are entitled to.

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