Medical equipment failure claims

The technological advancements in the medical sector have meant that we can have increasing confidence in being treated professionally and effectively should we develop a disease or disorder which requires medical treatment. The medical equipment sector is huge, ranging from complicated dialysis and x-ray machines down to simple catheters and bedpans. Like any piece of equipment, medical equipment can malfunction and in situations where a patient is seriously ill, this can have devastating consequences.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 protects individuals in the United Kingdom who have been injured or who have suffered some form of damage caused by a medical device. It needs to be proven that the product itself was defective and that it was responsible for the injuries caused, but if this is the case the compensation can be significant.

Recently, the case in which PIP breast implants were found to have a high rate of failure caused uproar in the United Kingdom with hundreds of women initiating medical negligence claims based on the fault implants. More commonly, defective knee or hip replacements account for a large percentage of claims, as do pacemakers and corneal implants. Even defective contraceptive devices have led to successful medical negligence claims, such is the potential financial impact of their failure.

PIP is not the only well-known example of defective medical equipment. DePuy hip implants have been recalled due to defects, as have Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator heart leads and a number of components and devices used in joint replacements. For each piece of medical equipment that fails, untold stress and injury can be caused. If you have been in a situation where the failure of medical equipment has led to injury or stress, you may have a claim for medical negligence.

When you seek medical treatment you put your faith in the hands of the medical professionals and you should expect that the equipment being used meets stringent and high standards and that you can also put your trust in the equipment itself. When this fails, you may well wish to initiate a claim for compensation. By speaking to a specialist medical negligence lawyer, you can ensure that your claim is valid and likely to be successful, as a  medical negligence lawyer with plenty of experience in the field will be able to advise as to your chances of success.

You need not suffer in silence. The failure of medical equipment need not just be a fact of life and professional negligence should not be ignored and allowed to continue. If you have suffered as a result, you should seek the advice of a medical negligence lawyer at your earliest convenience. Many aspects of medical negligence law require that a claim be initiated within a particular time frame in order that it can be considered, so you should ensure that you initiate this process as quickly as possible in order that your chances of justice and recompense are as high as they possibly can be.

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