Eye injuries and laser eye surgery claims

There are a number of reasons why eye injuries or laser eye surgery can result in a medical negligence claim. If you believe that you have grounds for this sort of claim, speak to one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors, who can review your case and explain your options.

Eye Injury Claims

In terms of eye injuries, one of the reasons you might need to make a medical negligence claim is if a medical professional fails to diagnose a problem with your eyes. These problems could include:

• Foreign bodies in your eye

• A detached retina

• Chemical burns

• Other penetrative injuries

As some eye injuries cause devastating sight problems, and even blindness, it is particularly important that they are picked up and treat properly. If your medical professionals failed to treat you with a suitably professional duty of care, you may well grounds for a medical negligence claim.

Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claims

As well as eye injuries, laser eye surgery can result in negligence claims. You may have grounds for a successful compensation claim if:

• Your surgeon failed to outline the risks to you and you subsequently experience side effects as a result of the surgery – eg dry eyes or problems driving at night due to hazing

• You received laser eye surgery when you were not an appropriate candidate for the procedure. This could be the case if the doctor failed to carry out the proper health checks or ignored your existing eye conditions such as keratoconus or glaucoma, which means you shouldn’t have laser eye surgery

• You require corrective treatment due to the surgery being carried out improperly – or if you need treatment for conditions such as infectious keratitis or corneal ecstasia

• You were given unrealistic expectations of what the laser eye surgery would do for you

Thankfully, serious complications arising from laser eye surgery are rare but they do occur – so it is critical to a specialist medical negligence solicitor if you think you have a claim. If you were given unrealistic expectations of the procedure, you may even be able to make a product liability claim.

Eye Injury and Laser Eye Surgery Negligence Claims- don’t delay

Making a medical negligence claim can sometimes be a long and complex process. You also need to make your claim within three years of first becoming aware of the negligence, so if you believe you have suffered as a result of an eye injury or negligent laser eye surgery, make sure you get the right legal advice from our specialist solicitors at the earliest opportunity.

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