Joint replacement medical negligence claims

If you have had a problem with a knee, hip, elbow or any other joint, you may have had to have the joint replaced by a medical professional. Joint replacements are increasingly common in the United Kingdom, with thousands of people undergoing treatment every year. With growing numbers of joint replacements being carried out, cases in which they’ve gone wrong are also on the increase.

Joint replacements – problems leading to a negligence claim

Occasionally, defective or faulty implants are used, meaning that the surgery will be deemed unsuccessful and the patient may have reduced movement or even end up having to use a wheelchair to move around. Some particular brands of hip implants, for example, have been recalled over safety concerns as a large percentage of patients had reported problems. Fitting can also provide issues, with many implants not being fitted properly or using inferior cement, meaning that the joint replacement will not last as long as was stated at the outset, causing untold pain and discomfort for the patient. [Click here for more about hip implant replacement claims]

Cases have even been seen where the wrong sized implants have been used, causing ongoing pain and mobility issues for patients because their new hip or knee has been too small or large for their frame. Of course, there are also the surgical errors which can occur in any form of surgery, such as surgical pins being left inside bodies, nerve damage or general medical malpractice.

Don’t worry about your joint replacement – the overwhelming majority of operations in the UK are highly successful

If you are due a joint replacement, you should not worry unduly. The vast majority of medical procedures are carried out effectively and without any issues whatsoever, but in the cases where things do go wrong, you may well have a valid claim for medical negligence. Medical negligence claims will take into account the amount of pain you have had to suffer as well as lost earnings and the impact on your life as a whole.

Recovering from a serious operation can take a lot of time and impact on your life regardless, but in situations where medical malpractice has exacerbated this recovery period and caused undue stress and worry which you otherwise would not have had to deal with, it may well be the case that you will be able to initiate a legal process which could result in you being awarded financial compensation for the trauma you have had to go through. No-one should have to suffer in silence because of the incompetence of a trained medical professional.

Thinking of making a joint replacement negligence claim? Don’t delay

There are, however, strict time limits on making medical compensation claims, so you will need to act fast. Speaking to a professional medical negligence lawyer as quickly as possible will ensure that your claim can be dealt with diligently and professionally, leaving you free to recover from your experience without having to worry about the ongoing legal aspects. Only by talking to a specialist solicitor will you be able to accurately gauge whether or not a claim may be made, before leaving it in the hands of the professionals who will be best placed to fight your corner for you.

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