Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Could Improve Performance

It seems that Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust [which operates from three sites at Hull Royal Infirmary, Princess Royal Hospital and Castle Hill Hospital] could be doing more to improve the standard of care it provides to its patients. The results of the most recent 2011Dr Foster Hospital Guide make for very interesting reading and show that this hospital trust is achieving ‘below expected’ results on three of the four key performance indicators utilised in the guide.

The Dr Foster guide, in case you haven’t come across it before, is the nation’s leading independent benchmarking for medical standards – operated by the Dr Foster unit at prestigious Imperial College London.

Specifically, in terms of its SHMI results, which tell us the rate of deaths following patients’ hospital treatments, the trust scored a high 115. When you consider that some trusts achieved a lower than expected score in 70s, it helps to illustrate the improvements that need to made.

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust also posted lower than expected results for the HSMR indicator – a measure that accounts for 80% of hospital deaths. The trust got a score of 119. Again, some other trusts had scores in the 70s or even the 60s, so there is clearly work to be done to reduce rates of patient mortality.

Of course, without knowing the individual cases, we can’t say how many lives could have been saved through improvements, but the score of 160 for the deaths after surgery indicator is one of the very highest statistics posted – and patients are sure to be keen to know what the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust is doing to improve its care.

In our experience, it’s hardly surprising that poor scores on the Dr Foster guide correspond to hospitals which have a much higher rate of medical negligence claims. Until hospitals like Hull Royal Infirmary, and its two sister hospitals, start to better implement those high levels of standard of care recommended by the likes of Dr Foster, medical mistakes will continue to be made at an much higher rate than is necessary.

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