Failed implants

People may have surgical implants for any number of reasons. Most of these implants will do what they are supposed to without any trouble, but sometimes, if the implant is faulty or the medical professionals providing the implant do not carry out the proper procedure, they can cause problems for patients. In some cases, this could be classed as medical negligence and you could be entitled to claim against the professionals in question with the help of a specialist solicitor.

Please note that we are not able to help with any compensation claims with regard to PIP or other breast implants

Failed Implant Claims – common types

Amongst the more popular implants that lead to implant negligence claims are:

• Contraceptive implants

• Breast implants

• Lip implants

• Hip replacement implants [click here to read more about hip implant recall claims]

Failed Implant Claims – the causes

You might have grounds for a successful claim for medical negligence compensation if, for example:

• The wrong implants were inserted

• You were not properly informed of the risks of having an implant, or were given an implant despite not being a suitable candidate for the procedure; the medical professional failed to carry out the proper health checks

• Improper pre or post-op care led to complications such as infection, disfigurement or illness

• The process of inserting the implant left you with internal injuries or unexpected scarring

• The implant itself was faulty – click here to read more about defective medical product claims

Failed Implant Claims – don’t delay

If you believe you have suffered medical negligence that relates to a faulty implant, make sure you talk to one of our specialist solicitors. If you are thinking of making a failed implant claim, you will need to do so within three years of becoming aware of the negligence so it makes sense to take action as soon as possible. Our solicitors can tell you whether you have a good case and, if necessary, can help you find the right expert medical advice to help back up your claim – and can run your claim under a no win no fee agreement..

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