How failed Botox treatment could result in a medical negligence claim

Botox treatment has risen massively in the last few years, with more and more people choosing to opt for a relatively simple, pain-free operation in order to look better – to improve their skin and remove unwanted lines and wrinkles. Botox, often referred to as dermal filler, treatments are actually classes as non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the United Kingdom, with thousands of people every year opting for the treatment. However, even though it’s a relatively simple non-surgical procedure, that’s not to say it’s without its very real risks.

Negligent Botox Treatment – Where Things Go Wrong

Botox administration requires extensive training and cannot just be done by anybody. Anyone administering Botox treatment needs to have knowledge of facial anatomy in order to ensure the injections are properly administered. Where issues arise and things go wrong, some of the results can be quite worrying, including unwanted swelling and scars, impaired vision, headaches, disfigurement, loss of facial movement and even loss of speech. That is why it is so important that your medical practitioner is fully aware of the risks and knows how to perform the Botox procedure effectively.

Botox treatment – the likely side effects and the risks

Some slight bruising and discomfort is to be expected, as is some muscle weakness, but that’s not to say all patients will experience them. In situations where the side effects and outcomes were not expected and were beyond the known risks at the point of consent, the patient may well have a good chance of claiming medical negligence against the surgeon or practitioner. This may be the result of contaminated equipment being used, too much Botox (or even not enough) being injected or simply the practitioner’s failure to inform you of all of the risks involved in undergoing Botox treatment procedures or any other form of cosmetic procedure.

Botox treatment – don’t delay your medical negligence claim

If you suspect that you might be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation arising from a Botox procedure either performed on you or a loved one, you should contact us as soon as you can so that we can assess your situation. Time is of the essence as  medical negligence claims have to be lodged within a certain period of time after the treatment was received, and the process can take some time to happen. By getting the ball rolling as quickly as possible, you will greatly improve your chances of successfully claiming compensation for the injuries and suffering you’ve had to deal with.

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure due to self-esteem issues can be a difficult decision to make, and being left with disfigurements or injuries due to the procedure can make things even worse, which is why you’re entitled to seek justice for any negligent treatment you’ve received. You don’t need to suffer in silence or simply accept that ‘these things happen’. A simple call to us will allow you to find out whether or not you might be entitled to significant financial recompense for the suffering you’ve had to deal with, and it could be a phone call which changes your life forever.

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