Number of compensation claims citing abuse of the elderly forming rising

Figures show that the number of sustaining injuries or dying in UK care homes and nursing homes has increased yet again on.

Many of the nations must vulnerable citizens are suffering through no fault of their own but compensation is often going unclaimed. It is not only important that these people are compensated for the injuries they sustain but that the home in question is punished and therefore encouraged to improve standards.

It is important that family members are aware of the things that they can claim for on behalf of the victim. Below are some examples:

• Infections: patients sometimes contract infections despite the existence of Infection Control policies. This is a sure sign of negligent practice and can lead to far greater health problems

• Falls: the elderly are at high risk of falls and may have conditions such as dementia, arthritis or side effects from medication which make them more likely to fall. It is therefore very important for thorough clinical risk assessments to be carried out. Where this is not done and a patient falls and sustains injuries, a claim may be made

• Use of excessive force: patients who are physically assaulted or prevented from moving for no clear reason can be said to have been treated negligently

• Prescribing too high a dose of anti-psychotics – those struggling with dementia sometimes need anti-psychotics to manage their symptoms, however these are often not required. Where such drugs are prescribed with no need, a medical negligence compensation claim could be made

• Development of pressure sores: patients often get pressure sores because they have been neglected by hospital staff. They may simply have been left in the same position unable to move, or perhaps have been left in wet clothes for extended periods of time.

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