Dr Foster Report 2013 – Doctors’ Opinions On Their Own Hospitals

Each year, the Dr Foster Hospital Guide reports several findings regarding patients and hospital trusts in the NHS, such as patient mortality rates and the level of care provided by hospital staff during certain times. While the data gathered during these studies is extremely important in showing how the NHS is performing, the annual guide also looks to add further information to the report using a staff survey – this gives the NHS staff a voice of their own to accompany the statistics regarding their hospital trusts. Here’s a brief run down on what the survey asked and what the findings were.

Details Of The Survey

The Dr Foster Hospital Guide teamed up with Doctors.net.uk for this year’s survey (which ran from the 24th of September to the 16th of October 2013), and the website invited its membership of doctors – all of whom are GMC-registered secondary care doctors – to answer their questions. Out of the 110,915 doctors who were invited to participate, five percent (5,669) completed the survey. 4,638 of these worked in hospitals in England.

What Were The Findings?

There were several interesting findings from the survey. For instance, when faced with the statement ‘I would recommend my organisation as a place to work’, 65.4% either agreed or agreed strongly. Only 14.1% disagreed or disagreed strongly, with 0.9% saying they don’t know and a further 19.6% neither agreeing or nor disagreeing with the statement. In terms of management, only half of those asked agreed that ‘my organisation acts on concerns raised by staff’ (with 18.7% either disagreeing or strongly disagreeing with the statement), and 26.1% disagreed with the statement that ‘I have confidence in the board and management team in the trust in which I work’.

Only 61% of doctors reported that they had sufficient information to be able to evaluate the outcomes of their practice, and only 32% of doctors believe that patients receive the same level of care at weekends as they do during the week. However, perhaps what is most telling of all, when asked if the doctors would choose to be treated in NHS hospitals over other private providers, 95% answered in the affirmative.

More About The Dr Foster Report

The annual Hospital Guide is extremely useful in showing hospital trusts in the NHS where they need to improve in order to reach the highest possible levels of patient care, and this report marks the 12th edition in the series. The guide is an independent study into NHS hospitals, and can be viewed online if you wish to find out more about how they conduct the report and about the conclusions this year’s guide reached.

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