Defective medical product claims

Defective Medical Product Claims

While the vast majority of medical products on the market have undergone extensive testing and pose no risk as long as they are used properly, this is not unfortunately, always the case. Sometimes, medical products prove to be defective and can cause patients serious problems as a result.

Please note that we are not able to help with any compensation claims with regard to PIP or other breast implants

Defective Medical Products  – common types

Many types of medical product could prove to be defective, including:

• Hip replacements

• Hearing aids

• Anaesthetic equipment

• Other hospital equipment such as X-ray machines

• Wheelchairs

• Hoists

• Medical implants

Faulty hip implant claims

One current high profile issue relates to hip replacements. DePuy ASR hip implants, for instance, have caused many patients problems and there are currently quite a few active medical negligence claims relating to DePuy implants received after July 2003. The hip replacements were recalled in July 2010, which has naturally inconvenienced many people who received the implants even if they themselves hadn’t experienced any problems. Problems that people have experienced as a result of faulty implants include:

• Metallosis (a type of blood poisoning)

• Implant dislocation

• Nerve damage

• Muscle damage

• Trouble walking

• Swelling

• Extreme pain

• Bone fractures

• Revision surgery

This list highlights the severity of the problems that can arise as a result of defective medical products. If you believe you have received one of these faulty hip implants – or have suffered as a result of any other defective product – you should certainly seek expert legal advice – so call us today.

Our medical negligence team are currently running a number of compensation claims arising out of a defective hip replacement. Click here to read more about hip implant recall claims.

Defective Medical Product Claims – don’t delay

If you believe you have suffered due to a defective medical product, you should seek legal advice from a specialist solicitor immediately. Most defective medical product issues fall under the general heading of “medical negligence” – so it’s a medical negligence expert you need. What’s more, as a medical negligence issue, you will need to make your negligence claim within 3 years of discovering there’s a problem.

So, even if you weren’t aware that the medical product in question was defective at the time you received it, if you later become aware that something is wrong (either because you experience problems or the company in question admits its fault) you’ll be able to claim within 3 years of the date of finding out. As the process can sometimes be long and complicated, especially if the manufacturer of the product is reluctant to admit responsibility, or it is otherwise hard to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer or medical professional, it is important that you speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor as soon as you can.

Defective Medical Product Claims – contact us today

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