Claiming compensation for negligent private medical treatment

More than 12 million people in the UK have private healthcare insurance and they expect to receive a higher standard of service from private health providers than they would from the NHS. Unfortunately though, patients still suffer as a result of medical negligence in the nations private hospitals.

Patients place enormous trust in medical professionals whether they are employed privately or by the NHS and therefore expect a sufficient standard of care. Where this standard is not met and patients are harmed as a result they should approach a solicitor for advice on making a medical negligence compensation claim. The medical negligence team at our firm has vast experience dealing with both NHS and private medical negligence claims relating to the following areas and many more:

• Brain and head injuries

Cancer misdiagnosis

• Failed implants

• Medication errors

• Physiotherapy negligence

Generally speaking, the claims process for NHS and private medical negligence compensation claims is similar; however there are various differences to bear in mind.

Firstly, in private cases, a contract or guarantee is often agreed between the doctor and patient, so when this is breached it may provide grounds for a compensation claim. If the patient was not made fully aware of risks or side effects before being sold treatment this may also justify a claim. Identifying who exactly was negligent is not straightforward because many professionals could be responsible for administering your healthcare. Bringing your claim against the right organisation or professional is essential. The UK’s private medical care attracts people from around the world and if you live abroad and have suffered medical negligence then you will still be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

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