Claiming compensation for cosmetic surgery negligence

Over the last decade the number of people in the UK undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures has gone up 200% with around more than 300,000 procedures performed each year. Sadly, as the number of surgeries performed increases, so does the number of mistakes made. Errors in cosmetic surgery which lead to harm being done to the patient are rather insensitively referred to as ‘adverse outcomes’ – a term which undermines physical and psychological trauma which can be caused by such mistakes. Some of these adverse outcomes are due to the negligence of cosmetic surgery professionals who fail to inform patients of the risks of procedures, do not advise them to take safer alternative courses of action or simply make mistakes during surgery which a competent professional would not make.

Negligence from cosmetic surgeons and other medical staff in such clinics can be devastating and compensation can be claimed for the injuries caused. Below is a list of some of the things people have claimed medical negligence compensation against cosmetic surgeons for in the past:

• Failed breast augmentation leading to breasts which are uneven or implants which rupture

• Rhinoplasty of the face or nose leading to completely unbalanced features, permanent hair loss, loss of smell or sight, collapse of the nose bridge or extensive scarring

• Psychological trauma: given that people often seek cosmetic surgery because they are uncomfortable with their appearance, when it goes wrong they can suffer particular psychological trauma

In order to claim compensation you will need to prove that your injuries directly resulted from the negligence actions of the cosmetic surgeon or other staff present. Under the Care Standards Act of 2002 private clinics are compelled to meet certain national standards about the qualifications required of staff members, providing counselling to patients, giving every patient a two-week period to think before undergoing surgery establishing a system for formal complaints.

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