Claiming compensation against a negligent beautician

For most people, seeing the beautician in a salon or a spa is a chance to relax and indulge themselves. However, there are times when beautician negligence occurs which can cause problems for the unfortunate victims. Thankfully, if you suffer at the hands of a negligent beautician our expert medical negligence solicitors will be able to help you claim compensation.

Examples of negligence

If your beautician causes you harm as a result of carelessness or because they are under qualified, you may find that you could claim compensation. Compensation claims against beauticians often relate to the following:

• Scars caused by allergic reactions to the chemicals used in treatment

• Burns from wax used on the skin which was applied at the wrong temperature

• Use of unsuitable chemicals leading to allergic reactions

• Poor application of semi-permanent makeup.

Claiming for an allergic reaction

It is crucial that spas and salons have mechanisms in place to protect their clients coming to harm from allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can be difficult to predict which makes it all the more important for beauticians to test their products for allergens and to be aware of the health record of the client. If patch tests are not carried out the day before and other health and safety standards lapse, the beautician may find themselves having to defend against medical negligence claims.

Such claims might relate to a lack of product knowledge or disregard for the potential affects pursuing a particular source of treatment can have upon you. However severe the allergic reaction is, you should inform a solicitor and seek advice about making a medical negligence claim and our specialists can help. It may even be the case that the salon must be closed own in order to prevent others coming to similar harm

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