Cambridge University Hospitals awarded ‘Trust of the Year’

The Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2012 has published a wide range of findings on the best and worst NHS trusts all over the country, but one particular trust has outshone them all: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust outperformed other organisations in a number of different categories this year.

The guide showed that almost all trusts needed to improve their quality of care while dealing with the lower budgets and decrease in resources that they might have seen in the past year. They also had to improve on efficiency and work harder at freeing up beds by coming up with better procedures to deal with patients who may not need surgery or a long stay in the hospital.

The SaFE programme – which was carried out by NHS London – investigated the sustainability of 18 NHS trusts in the capital city, including looking at the productivity of each trust compared to the rest of the country. The programme found that the high cost and the high quality of clinical services didn’t necessarily correlate, something which the Hospital Guide agrees with. Hannah Farrar of NHS London says in the report that they need to appreciate what the minimum costs are for delivering a high quality of care as well as the means needed to optimise cost and quality.

So why was the Cambridge University Hospitals Trust awarded the accolade of Trust of the Year?

It scored highly in several of the categories which were explored by the guide, including the level of efficiency (it scored well on high efficiency and low mortality when compared against 13 efficiency indicators), and it also had lower than expected rates on two of the mortality measures, and no concerns on the remaining two measures.

The trust consists of The Rosie and Addenbrooke’s hospitals, places which have grown vastly over the past half century; today they have 8000 staff and over 1000 beds. The trust is part of the Cambridge University Health Partners – an organisation which continues to give them more opportunities for the future – and the Cambridge hospitals dedicate time to carry out research into new drugs and treatments that will help their local community.

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust also performed well in the categories, and the Hospital Guide has awarded them for their achievements.

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