Brain damage victim to receive £10m hospital payout

A hospital has been forced into one of the biggest medical negligence compensation payouts in British history. Stepping Hill Hospital will pay £10m to the family of Zach Petrou, a boy who went into hospital with a routine condition, but left with brain damage.

Following his treatment at the Stepping Hill, 19-year-old Zach was left with the mental capacity of a baby. Although the hospital has not accepted liability, it has agreed to settle the family’s medical negligence claim at Manchester’s High Court. £10m is the expected cost of his lifetime care and the hospital has accepted responsibility for funding this.

Zach’s parents had taken their son to the hospital in 1994 to be treated for croup, a common viral infection. However, his condition deteriorated rapidly and it was deemed necessary to place him on an emergency ventilator. Upon being taken off the ventilator, Zach was found to be heavily brain damaged and Zach’s parents accuse that this was because he was deprived of oxygen.

A team of medical expects will now calculate the exact estimated cost of Zach’s lifetime care before a precise compensation figure can be agreed. Medics believe that Zach will live beyond the age of 70; however he will require comprehensive care 24/7. This case serves as a harrowing reminder of the potential for grave consequences resulting from medical negligence.

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